The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one

May 22, 2013

Off to NY tomorrow.

We have more language for the individual than the collective. We care about what works for us rather than what works for the family, the tribe, the group.

When we hear someone say that they can’t work or move or do whatever because they are going to take care of their mother or father, we are sometimes surprised.

The question we want to ask is this: Is that the right thing for you?

You, as an individual are important. Working on your creativity, working on your art, working on your dreams… that is important to you. But… and there is a but.

We are part of a tribe and there are members of the tribe that should matter to you.

Your kids should be more important to you than you are.

But what about your parent? Your siblings? Your co-workers. You can’t give you your own dreams for them? Or can you?

There isn’t one answer. We have to be willing to think of the needs of the many and not just the needs of the one.

We are all so determined to take care of ourselves. The needs of the one. The needs of the many. I’ve given up much for spouse and children, and now it is time for me to write. To remember my own dreams.


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