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In LA Story, someone is trying to make reservations at an exclusive restaurant, and
Patrick Stewart asks the question, “Where do you summer?” It’s a good question for a lot of people in LA and NY who like to “summer,” some other place. In LA, people like to go somewhere cool and in NY, they like to summer at the shore or the Hamptons.

When the kids are young, the question is first what are they going to do in the summer. Here is my suggestion. Have them do something intense for 2-4 weeks which they will remember forever thinking yes! I went to art camp, horseback riding camp, archery camp, basketball camp, that kind of thing. Kids like the camps and if you send them to the same camp year after year, they make friends and remember this as being one of the epic moments of their life.

However, the rest of the summer, you should just let your kids play. I think that kids are over-programmed in summer. They have to study math and flute and learning how to make crab cakes. Learning to dance. How about just kicking it?

Here’s what our kids did in summer: They went to summer camp for a few weeks. They went swimming a lot; they took lifeguard training. They lay around in the hammock and they ate a lot of Otter Pops. Kids need more loose time, more unstructured time.

What about for adults? Don’t we need more unstructured time? I think so. I tend to over-program the summer. I have stacks of books to read. I have stacks of writing projects. Gardening projects. I plan to start yoga this summer. I plan to read, think, write, swim, do yoga, go to the beach, go camping, go hiking, cook over a campfire, get caught up on sleep, make new friends and influence people.

Speaking of which, my daughter is going to take the Dale Carnegie course this summer thus possibly becoming the most powerful lesbian on her block. I am the most powerful woman living in my house at this time. But that’s because Nicelle just went home, otherwise we’d be duking it out for that role.

How do you find time to write? How does anyone? We write because we push everything else out of the way and just do it. If you want to run, you have to do it. If you want to write, you have to do it. For me, that’s easier said than done. Everything else tries to push into the way. Ron Carlson writes every day. T. C. Boyle writes every day.

“Whatever you do, stay in the room,” Ron Carlson says. In an interview with Tim Hedges, Tim writes, “He knows what world exists on the other side of the door: a world full of televised sports, dirty dishes, iced mochachinos. A world full of distraction from the task at hand. Writing, he argues, is about staying in the room, pushing beyond the point where your eyes glaze over and your fingers refuse to type. That’s where the magic lies.”

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