Why don’t you write more?, Why don’t you sing more?, Why don’t you act more?

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You could ask this about any number of things that you perhaps should do more. And do less. Some things we focus too much attention on and we shouldn’t.

When they say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff,” they lie. The problem is that we lose track of what is small stuff. So, I’m going to tell you what is totally important and what is absolutely inconsequential. Here you go.

Things you do not need to do at all.

1. You don’t need to go to church. Nobody ever regretted on their deathbed not going to more church. You aren’t going to become a better human by going to church.
2. You don’t need to work more. You probably work enough.
3. You don’t need to spend more time with your any annoying co-workers. You don’t need to spend more time with your boss.
4. You don’t need to spend more time shopping.
5. You don’t need to spend time on your resume.
6. You don’t need to spend more time watching television. No one ever dies wishing that they watched more TV.
7. You don’t need to play more video games. That is rotting your brain.
8. You don’t need to smoke more weed. You smoke enough already.
9. You don’t need to drink more. You probably drink more than enough.
10. You don’t need to straighten other people out. If they don’t want to change, they aren’t going to. Work on yourself though.
11. You don’t need to talk about people that annoy you. Just drop it.
12. You don’t need to go over and over your budget. You don’t have enough money. Just breathe.
13. You don’t need to straighten anybody out.
14. You don’t need to fix the world. Just fix yourself.
15. You don’t need to change anybody else. Changing yourself would be a great start.

What you should do more:

1. You should drink more water. Everybody should drink more water.
2. You should eat more vegetables.
3. You should exercise more.
4. You should do more cardio.
5. You should do yoga. If you already do yoga, you should do more. Yoga is good for you.
6. You should sleep more. This will interfere with the exercising and yoga, but still.
7. You should go out more with friends. You only live once.
8. You need to dance more.
9. You need to swim more. Everyone should swim more.
10. You need to love more. Live more. Kiss more. Make love more.
11. Cook more.
12. Laugh more.
13. Hang with people you can be completely yourself with.
14. Smile more.
15. Relax. It isn’t going to matter if you don’t do it all perfectly, just breathe.


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