Do you eat bugs? Do you eat sand? Do you eat gravel? Do you eat porcupine flesh? Do you eat road kill?

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Do you eat bugs? Do you eat sand? Do you eat gravel? Do you eat porcupine flesh? Do you eat road kill?

Cultures have different ways of eating and one of the many things that ties us with other cultures or divides us is food and the foods we can’t bear eating.

The UN suggests that eating ants, grasshoppers and other insects could help the problems of world hunger. About two billion people already eat insects which have more protein than you might think. Eating insects instead of so much burger would certainly help some of America’s obesity problems; however, most Americans don’t like the idea of eating bugs.

Americans like to eat red meat; but people in India and Nepal believe –for the most part—that eating beef is unholy.

Americans are willing to eat hotdogs and other lunch meat all of which is made out of the disgusting parts of pigs and cows.

Vegetarianism is very common in many parts of the world especially in the Netherlands.

Okay, list of foods that I have tried that are different:

1. Fish eyes—actual raw fish eyes. I ate them.
2. Oysters.
3. Squirrel.
4. Snake—doesn’t taste that good
5. Sushi is kind of weird, but it is delicious.
6. Seaweed
7. Mochi
8. Horchata
9. Duck
10. Tongue—I don’t eat meat any more, but tongue is weird.

List of foods that I don’t want to try:

1. Veal
2. Lamb
3. Pork
4. Beef
5. Insects
6. pudding
7. cheesecake
8. cream pies
9. jello—nasty
10. grilled cheese sandwiches with American cheese.

What’s interesting about foods is that even within a country, there are foods that people like or don’t like. Like most of us here in California, I don’t like the thought of Southern food. Fried chicken is a no. Collard greens are good though just not with bacon. Other foods in the South that I don’t understand: Grits, biscuits and oatmeal are all foods that I would prefer not to have.

Yet people in the South are not craving what is a normal California diet –rice and fresh fish, tacos, salads, avocados and salsa. A mix of Asian, Mexican, and fresh vegetables, salads and fruit. In the Midwest or in the South, this might not be considered be filling and delicious, but here we like it.

We judge people by what they eat or don’t eat. If you don’t eat sushi, people might think you’re provincial. If you like Red Lobster and Macaronis, the idea is that you don’t like good food. But then there are people who like the kind of food that’s in Good Housekeeping –meatloaf, mashed potatoes, jello salad and sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.

Don’t yuck on my yum. If others like to eat bugs, let them eat bugs. If they like eating tater tots, let them eat tater tots.

There’s no need for you to control others. Let them eat roadkill. Let them eat shark. Let them eat blue foods. Let them eat green eggs and ham.

Don’t yuck on my yum.


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  1. Yes, this is true. Many people judge others due to what they eat, drink, wear, do and think. Personally, I don’t care what others eat. We have so many different cultures and beliefs it might be best if we all just carry on.

    I too have chosen to indulge in the finer foods such as; sushi, tongue (which was totally gross), turtle (taste like chicken); I did eat a bug once while riding on the back of my big brother William’s Harley. Not really sure what type of bug but I sort of gagged and tried my best to spit it out but I think the speed and wind forced it down my throat (nice visual huh).

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