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A very good Mother’s Day. We got to Skype with Steve in Australia. Technology is an amazing thing; we can skype with our iPhones and his phone is just running on local Wifi; it’s not even turned on for our plan. It sounds like he is having a good time and has met some Australian girls which is good. The girls in New Zealand were nice, and it was sad to leave them behind. There was a lot of other news, but little of it was fit to print, so let’s just say he seems like he’s doing just super.

We went to brunch at this great place where they have good food but very slow service. We got there at 11:30 and we drank champagne until 1 when they finally served us. But the food, when it arrived was very good.

We walked around the city for a while and then went to dinner at Mark’s brother’s house. His wife Annette is very nice, and she is reading my favorite play, Long Day’s Journey into Night in her literature class, a story about how sad a family can be when they never really speak honestly to each other. It’s a very American play. We talk around or ignore what we do not understand.

Mark’s brother made fresh pasta and fresh key lime pie. I’m going to have diet for a month to make up for it, but it was worth it. The key lime pie was just crazy good. I love pie.

Here are pies that I like:

Strawberry rhubarb
Key lime
Berry pie

Pies I’m not so crazy about:
Weird pies like coconut cream

We had a very good time. They had wine and their garden is coming in, they have such lovely fruit trees. Lemon, avocado, apple and they even have some blackberries growing up against the wall. In other parts of the country, one can’t imagine simply planting trees and berries; they have wisteria climbing over the fence and trailing up the walls. Northern California allows for berries, apples, hydrangea and foxgloves, all of which are difficult in Southern California.

The children of Israel dreamed of a promised land, a land of milk and honey, a land where wine flows and fruit grow in abundance. Perhaps, we’ve all continued to hope for a land where the windows open into fruit and flowers, where there the signature we leave in time and space is one of relaxation.

Mother’s Day was good, more relaxing than I had expected. Tomorrow we drive back to So Cal where it’s so much hotter, where our avocado tree is struggling, our lemon tree still small, our blood orange tree taking up the sky. I want do to more exercise, sleep more, read more, start doing yoga, and feel myself stretching into the warm parts of life, the parts where you take deep breaths, spend more time with my kids and with the hubby, but mostly breathe.

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