Going out to eat vs. eating at home, Going to Celestino tonight so thinking about restaurants

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Advantages to going out to eat.

1. You do not have to do the dishes. If I ever go to a restaurant where you have to wash the dishes, I will leave.
2. They bring your food to the table.
3. You get to choose from different menu items.
4. Waiters pretend to like you.
5. You can choose the kind of people you want to be around. Like noise? Go to Hometown Buffet. Like quiet? Go to a nice restaurant, the kind that has linen.
6. You can choose the kind of food you want to eat. Like good food? Stay away from chains. Like crappy food? Go to Hometown Buffet. Like really crappy food? Go to Dennys. (They don’t screw up breakfasts, but I wouldn’t trust them for other meals.
7. You can take home the food you don’t eat.
8. You can order dessert, linger over coffee.
9. They have wine lists.
10. If it’s a sushi bar, they have sake.

Advantages to eating at home.

1. You get to do the cooking and you can get creative with it.
2. You can talk with your guests and your family while you do the cooking.
3. You can drink wine while you do the cooking. Note to self. This does not always improve the cooking.
4. You can decide from your limited list of cooking abilities (unless you’re Martha Stewart and then I assume there are no limits) what to make.
5. You can invite over anyone you want.
6. You can drink whatever you want and it’s a lot cheaper than drinking at a restaurant and if you’re at your own home, you don’t have to worry about driving.
7. You can have dessert and linger over coffee.
8. You can stay longer than at a restaurant.
9. You can leave the dishes for the next day. (Other people can, I cannot. I hate waking up to dishes. It makes me sad. I like to get them into the dishwasher before I go to bed.) On that subject, my brother-in-law who we are seeing on Mother’s Day, last I checked does not believe in their using their dishwasher. Weird. If my husband said that he didn’t believe in our using the dishwasher, I would rebel. I would never wash another dish. I believe in dishwashers. They have a purpose. To wash the dishes for me. It’s like the washing machine. Seriously, why not wash your own clothes? Because you don’t want to.
10. The big reason to eat at home is that it’s more relaxing, you can wear whatever you want to. You can dress up or down. You can watch a movie or have a conversation. What we know how to cook—Italian, Mexican, sushi, and all kinds of salads and chickens and fish and soups. What we can’t make so we have to go out for it: Thai, Indian, Lebanese etc. But I like eating at our home and I love eating at my friend Lisa’s home because it is cozy. And the food is yummy. And they’re great. Some people’s homes you have to be nice. And behave. I’m going to behave this weekend when we visit my in-laws. Seriously. Maybe I’ll even post some pictures of me behaving.


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