Reading tonight at Boston Court, May 7th, 2013

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All three of these readers are amazing. You do not want to miss this one as Red Hen wraps up the spring season. Co-sponsored by PSA, the Boston Court readings are always spectacular.

Meghan O’Rourke, Douglas Kearney, and Maggie Nelson, 7 pm

Getting ready to go to San Francisco for Mother’s Day. Here is what happens when you drive from LA to the Bay Area. Nada mucho.

There is Los Angeles and traffic and swarms of people. Then, there’s the whole Valencia, Canyon Country area which is one big mass of houses that all look exactly like each other. There are also many chain restaurants which you can see hopped in there with the houses that are all mirrors of each other. It’s a Mctown with Mc restaurants. It’s all very tiring.

Then, the long hill which goes on and on, the Grapevine which is a lot harder to get over when you’re coming south. I don’t think my car could make it over at this point. Amy’s car can’t do it any more. You see cars stopped by the road on the way up the Grapevine, people waiting for their engines to cool.

Then you’re into the desert and it goes along like that for miles. For hours and hours. You’re just driving along, and it’s very boring. Here is what you see: Oil drilling, brown hills, cows, almond trees—they’re nice. Nothingness forever. Then you’re finally going over the Pacheco Pass and then you’re in San Francisco. We’re staying one night with the daughter, one night with our friends in Santa Cruz at their house and then a couple nights at the French Hotel in Berkeley. The best thing at the hotel is the coffee shop.

While we’re in SF, they’re taking us clubbing. Although I spent all my undergraduate years on the dance floor, I haven’t done much clubbing since then. During graduate school I had Amy and then it seemed my dancing days were over, but this weekend we get to find out what moves we have left. The part Mark is going to like the most is that we are going to a club that plays 80s music. I don’t think he was really fond of 80s music in the 80s, so it’s going to be pretty exciting for him to rekindle his affection for the rock and roll. Plus, I will get to see his dance moves which I am sure must be formidable.

The plan is to go see the DeYoung Museum which I haven’t seen for years. What writers and publishers like us enjoy doing when we travel is go and look at art. If I could afford to, I would buy more art. I like having art around because it makes you feel like you are in a space where you are touching the fiery belly of the universe. You feel it vibrating; you feel it talking to you saying, “You can do anything.”

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