Porter Ranch YMCA vs. Santa Monica YMCA

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I work out at a YMCA in Porter Ranch, weird little neighbor city of Northridge. Northridge is mostly the university and other stuff. Then there’s Porter Ranch. It’s one big mass of stucco soufflé homes, huge oversized houses piled up on hills, and between them lots of stores and restaurants that you could find anywhere that you were looking for really boring restaurants that you wouldn’t really want to eat at, places like TGI Fridays, Macaronis, and then you’ve got stores like Tillys and Joannes that you could find anywhere. It’s one vast wasteland of cultural activity. Unlike cool areas of Los Angeles like Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice or even Silverlake. But those areas have no parking, and they are so over-crowded, people everywhere. Okay, so Porter Ranch has space. And it is a YMCA which is really nice. And the thing about the YMCA is that you can work out at any YMCA in the country.

So the other day, I decide to go to the Santa Monica Y. I had a meeting at 9:30 am in Santa Monica; I got up at 4:30 am and got to that Y at 6. It sucked. Their machines suck; most of them are broken, and the ones that do work are so old, seriously, it’s like you’re in a time machine. Only you aren’t, you’re in 2013 and the machines are from fifty years ago. Nasty. The pool looked nice. If I ever pull that stunt again, I am going to just swim. And my friend said that the classes are nice. Also, you have to pay for towels at the Santa Monica Y, at our Y, the towels are free. Also, I forgot to mention that they had to use these huge metal clippers and cut my lock off because I forgot the combination. And this older lady was in there and she said the guy could come ahead and cut the lock. She was in her underwear, but she looked good in her unmentionables and Javier clipped the lock.

I had a good time in Chicago. And while I was there, I worked out swimming in the pool. I should have gone to work out in the gym, but the pool was enough for me this trip. I am flying Virgin, watching a stupid movie and blogging and drinking wine because I am a multi-tasker.

I am not one of the most relaxing people to be around. Every day I want to exercise, I want to achieve, the idea of a cruise makes me physically nauseous, all that lying around and not doing much. Also, I hate the idea of some sort of a little taxi boat taking me and numerous other people to an island or some sort of weird archaeological site with hundreds of other people and be shuffled around with the others. If I walk, I want to walk alone or just with my spouse, and if I am going to explore, I do not want other people around and I really don’t want people talking at me and telling me, Look at this, look at that.

My idea of a good time is working at five different things at once. Like I’m having dinner and I’m blogging and I’m keeping an eye on my email on phone and I’m having watching a movie too. On vacation, I like to get a lot of exercise and do a lot of writing and think a lot. That stuff wouldn’t fly on a cruise.

Which is why we’re going to Ireland this summer. To write, think and walk in the rain or whatever they do in Ireland, but I think that’s it. I’m going to teach a writing class for a week. You can come to if you want to! We want you to come. We’re going to be in these super cool cabins on this amazing estate, walking around and writing. The last week in June at Inish Beg, West Cork Ireland. If you want to come, contact, Jen Kohan, jenkohan@gmail.com.

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