Bucket list, Brendan Constantine and Lillian Yvonne Bertram at the Armory

Bucket list

The term “bucket list,” probably comes from the term “kick the bucket” which refers to what happens when you get hanged. Kicking the bucket is what you do when you’re going to die; so the proverbial bucket list is of course what we want to do before we die.

Here is an expurgated version of my bucket list:

Countries I want to visit:

Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Chile, Peru, China, Russia—why not?, Portugal, France—again, Spain—again, Greece—again.

Stuff I want to do:

Sail around the Greek islands, listen to an opera in Italy, go see where Van Gogh did his paintings in the south of France

But whether you get to do the stuff on your bucket list of not, the key is to enjoy your life as it is now. And actually, it’s pretty fun. My friend gave me a gift of going to Burke Williams today and we had a great time, and then went to the event at the Rutberg Gallery where Brendan Constantine read Eloise Klein Healy’s poetry. I think it’s fun to have a bucket list and at the point you hit 50, it’s a good thing to start working on the list, but I believe very much in enjoying the life you have. And on Wednesday, I am going to Chicago. Hopefully it’s not too cold there.

Tuesday night is going to be a fantastic night at the Armory Center for the Arts at 7 pm.

Red Hen Press at Armory Center for the Arts Featuring Lilian Yvonne-Bertram, Brendan Constantine & Members of the Former Denali Quartet



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  1. I just hit 50 and yes, I will begin my bucket list. I’ve actually been thinking of one and your article has inspired me to, get moving and do it! Thanks 🙂

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