Your money is you

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If you want to know what someone cares about, see what they spend their money on. We all know people who spend their money on shoes and clothing, so that’s what they care about. We all spend some money on clothing and shoes as it’s not legal to go around naked. You can’t just walk around without clothes. You’d get tossed in the brig. But if you’re spending all your money on clothes and shoes, then that’s what matters to you.

Some people spend all their money going to restaurants. In Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, the main character longs to go back to Paris where he can tip the waiters. The thing about going to the same restaurants all the time is that the waiters know you and it’s like having a family only they aren’t your family.

It’s like that movie Clash where the one character’s closest “friend,” is her maid. She spends money on having a maid because then she can pay for friendship. She wants someone who “cares” about her, so she is willing to pay.

If you have to pay someone to be with you, that’s not friendship.

That’s part of the reason therapy was always so confusing to me. If I talk with my husband or my friends about my problems, it’s free. But people always talk about how their therapist said this or that, like they’re talking to a friend, but that person isn’t your friend because you are paying them. At least that was my theory.

But it’s a fairly weak theory. I pay for care of my acupuncturist, but it’s certainly possible that we could be friends at some point. But I am still wary of the idea of paying someone for advice. Although I know it isn’t advice you pay therapists for, but expert opinion on what’s wrong with your thinking.

If you spend your money on going to expensive restaurants, what you care about is going out to eat. I am interested in people who find a way to spend their resources to give something back to the planet, to children and to the arts community.

But that’s because that’s what I do. I want to change the world and create great work. That’s where I put my time and resources.

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