It’s Mark’s birthday today

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It’s Mark’s birthday today. Having a 4/20 birthday was always the envy of Steve and all his friends who wished their parents had thought of them when planning their birthday and given them a 4/20 birthday. How envied they would be! And it’s just something you can’t take away from someone. Happy 4/20 man! People would be saying that to you for the rest of your happy life. And it is a happy life on the 4/20 wagon.

One wonders what the rest of the world does who haven’t jumped in there. People opposed to cannabis use point to long time users who have mental disorders, but defenders say those fools had those mental disorders in the first place, they were just lying dormant until life’s stresses brought them on. What is clear is that long time users have less potent sperm and less testosterone, but these are not concerns of mine.

In Jamaica, they’ve run tests on women who both use and do not use weed while pregnant. Jamaica is a good place for these studies because one can locate mothers who are toking while they’re carrying and then continuing to toke while raising their children. There was no difference. Good to know.

Because it is Mark’s birthday we are going to take a walk on the beach and then go look at boats and decide which boat would be ours if we were boat owners which we are probably not ever going to be, but I like to dream.

We went to sushi last night and tonight we are going to our favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara, Bouchon. The food there is great. We also like a place called Downeys. I’ve already sung to Mark a couple times for his birthday and perhaps I will do some public singing of his birthday as well so everyone in the vicinity knows.

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