Red Hen Press reading at the Ruskin tomorrow

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April 14, 2013 at 2pm
Los Angeles: Ruskin Art Club

Date: Apr 14th, 2013
Time: 2:00 pm
Ruskin Art Club
800 S. Plymouth Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90005
$10 General / $5 Students & Seniors

Please join Red Hen Press for a reading at the Ruskin Art Club on Sunday, April 14th. The even will feature Katie Farris, Erin Coughlin Hollowell, Ilya Kaminsky, and Eva Saulitis. Don’t miss out!

Erin and Eva are both from Alaska, and I have been to Alaska a few times. Here is what I remember from Alaska. The light is cold, clear and blue. It seems to come out of everywhere and seep into you in a way that the light in California does not. The light in California swarms in from every angle, and often feels thick, heavy and golden like it’s drenching your space, like it’s inescapable. The light in Alaska feels like something very cool that you can see through and put your hands through. But the cold is everywhere. And I was there in summer. When it got up to the Fifties, the Alaskans suggested we eat lunch outside. I thought that was a terrible idea; I couldn’t picture eating on a patio with thick gloves and a parka. It felt like springy weather to me, but it felt quite chilly to me.

The art work in Alaska had the cold blue feeling and in the wild, a solitary canoe or raft as though any presence of humans is a smudge on an already perfect landscape.

My favorite part of Alaska that I visited, was Homer. I could go down to the dock and see the fish brought in. Huge halibut and other kinds of fish, although I don’t think I saw any salmon brought in. But Eva Saulitis had a smoke house and she had quite a bit of salmon that she had smoked herself. I could have sat there eating it all day. She was giving me wine and bringing out this salmon and she said, “How much should I bring out?” and I said, “Don’t stop till I leave.” I can remember it now as the best smoked salmon in the world.

I would like to go back to Homer sometime and watch the fish boats come in, watch them measure the fish and see that the fish are often a foot taller than me. I could reach up with my hand and feel the top of the fish. I would watch the clouds of eagles around the dock. The only place I’ve ever seen swarms of bald eagles. In the lower 48, you see an eagle here, an eagle there, but in Alaska, the sky is full of bald eagles.

Alaska was purchased for 7.2 million from the Russians. Alaskans have mixed feelings about how they have been treated by the United States government. But, it is a beautiful place to visit, like being at the very end of the world.

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