Healthy obsessions vs unhealthy

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Diet and exercise are considered healthy obsessions but we all know those can go too far. All you want to do is exercise all the time. And you diet becomes much of what you think about.

Unhealthy obsessions include alcohol, drugs, and women younger than you are. And then the question is how much younger is too young? Well, women under eighteen are off limits for everyone, but beyond that, women a generation younger than you are, are probably too young.

Unhealthy obsessions include excessive shopping, playing video games all the time, doing almost anything all the time, even going to church all the time, is excessive.

Ideally we have some sort of balance in our lives, but it isn’t easy to achieve balance. Get enough sleep, eat the right foods, work extremely hard, but have enough fun, spend time with your friends, spend time alone, drink enough water, don’t drink too much booze, take long relaxing baths but not too long,

Getting out of balance starts small. You start by drinking once a week, then all weekend, then all week, and pretty soon you’ve got a drinking problem. You start with smoking a little weed, and before you know it you’re smoking all the time, you’re a pot head.

In fact, what we consider to be extreme passions and unhealthy obsessions simply mean that someone else experiences something we don’t. Someone else likes something hugely that you only want somewhat.

Be careful what you judge to be insanity. It may be you that is insane. Sanity is a fragile thing.

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