Why it’s smart to hate Apple and Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs was a selfish son of a bitch and Apple is screwing consumers for every cent they can get for us.

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January 30th, 2013

Let’s face it. Most of us hate stingy people. People who don’t want to be generous even when others have been generous to them. I know people like that in my dealings with Red Hen, people to whom I have been very generous, to whom I have been personally generous, but they are hoarding, they don’t believe in giving an inch.

And we are all aware that most corporations are tight fisted. Perhaps the worst corporations out there are companies like McDonalds and Wal Mart. Wal Mart is actually about as evil as can be. They pay women less than men, and they underpay all their employees and don’t allow unions.

But perhaps one of the worst corporations that we all have to deal with is Apple.

Let’s go through a few reasons why we should hate Apple:

1. They are charging us as much for Apple products as the market will bear.
2. When Steve Jobs died, he was worth 8 billion.
3. Steve Jobs never gave away anything to charity.
4. The history of philanthropy in the U.S. is as follows:
a. Andrew Carnegie gave away 350 million in his lifetime, 5 billion in today’s money
b. John D. Rockfeller gave away half a billion in his lifetime, 8 billion in today’s dollars
c. Bill Gates has given away 30 billion and he’s just getting warmed up.
d. Warren Buffett has promised to donate 90% of his wealth.
e. The Medicis built some of the most beautiful buildings in Italy. Philanthropy is what makes the world magnificent.
5. Rather than give away money, Steve Jobs did everything possible to avoid paying taxes.
6. Steve Jobs did not care about making the world a better place or about making our lives more interesting. He was a smart man but not a good man. He was inventive but not generous.

Many people end up buying Apple products; sadly, I own an iPhone and the press owns an iPad. Both of these products are kind of nice to have even if they were made by an evil guy.

Corporate greed is everywhere. Whole Foods is a greedy corporation as is Trader Joes and Sprouts. If you decide to not deal with greedy corporations, you can’t really buy groceries. You’d have to grow your vegetables.

But if you decide you have to doing anything silly beyond eating groceries, things like say using a cell phone, well then you might find yourself an Apple product owner like myself.

I could say something completely untrue like that it makes me sad to have dealings with the evil empire, but the truth is that like most people, I just don’t think about it any more.

Steve Jobs was a cold hearted son of a gun, but maybe the new Apple will be a shiny happy world. One can only hope. In the meantime, I only use my iPhone when I really have to and I try not to think about where it came from.



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  1. You should really proof read your title. Its embarrasing being a writer with bad grammar and spelling, especially in the opening paragraph. You may hate Steve Jobs, but at least he checked the quality of the work.

    • Then why does the IPhone suck so bad? You , sir, are an ass hat . Then again maybe that’s why your screen name is Steve Jobs , like him I hope you die.

  2. Dude, I support what you’re saying 100%! At my middle school and high school, the school MADE us use ipad mini’s. I hate it because we HAD to pay for them and they never seem to work properly!
    Bill Gates is so much better than Steve Jobs because he donated money!
    ((But aside from that, proofreading what you post is good. I mean, what I do is whisper read it to myself, but I dunno. I guess it’s because I’m an author.))

    • Btw out of steve and bill dont forget who became the richest man alive. Not steve, Bill Gates.

  3. That “ass hat” quip made my day.

    Jobs was an evil sonofabitch and deserved what he got in the end.

  4. I’d like to think Jobs existed to revolutionize the world, then thrown away when he was no longer needed. He was an expendable collection of tissues and organs without a soul. Thanks for my iPhone, Steve! Now go!

  5. Don’t mock McDonalds.
    They do charity work. Hell, when the widow died a record amount of money went to charity.

  6. What Apple products provide is convenience. I don’t like them though, as I didn’t like Steve Jobs. I always go the extra mile to put effort into dealing with technology and I have never spent a single cent to buy an Apple product. It has partly to do with me being a tech enthusiast.

    Contrary to what Apple wants people to believe, their ideal customers were never the enthusiasts, but the people who want things to be as simple (and fool-proof) as possible. Another myth that Apple sells successfully is that they are the big innovators. Yes, they did their fair share of innovations, but not nearly as many as they like people to believe.

    And Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs… that’s a very good comparison. Bill Gates represents everything that is right with rich people and Steve Jobs everything that is wrong (well, not everything of course, I’m exaggerating here a bit). I love it how unassuming and decent a guy Bill Gates is.

  7. I am behind your message 100%; but beyond this post fuck you dude. You’re the worst kind of person to advocate your voice. I do agree with your opinion but highly disrespect it on the basis of hypocracy. I didn’t have a phone at all because for a while 6 no the or so I only had used iphone 5s availiable, but I tried using the first and ended up fucking smashing it with a hammer. A hammer, because I wanted it to be deliberate so to have deniability of it being an act of short temperance. No, my anger was calculated and systematic. Like white blood cells purging infection from my body so were my actions of taking away any product from use in my life that was owned by apple. There was an iPad my mom offered to let me use but I knew that I would end up breaking it as well so I politely declined. I went for 6 months with no phone or internet device because of my decision to purge my life of everything Apple. Stand behind your cause if you want to have a fucking voice.

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