Are there accidents in the universe?

I miss Greece.

July 10, 2012

There are no accidents in the universe. That’s what some people say, but I don’t believe it. I believe there are unhappy accidents that we learn from if we’re lucky and happy accidents like meeting the right person. Like finding that you have more money than you thought you did. One of the happy accidents I like is when I’m in a cold city and I reach into my long blue pea coat and I find money. It’s so exciting. I feel like it’s wonderful free money, manna from heaven. The fact that I put the money there myself months before occurs to me but doesn’t completely register. I feel gifted.

I grew up with a group of people who were crushed by overpowering religion, Christianity can be a terrible thing. Most of my friends who I grew up with were annihilated by the experience. They couldn’t breathe or thrive afterward. Another gift–
I was able to move forward, beyond, to fly over that experience.

When I think of people who need food stamps or living quarters or transportation or child care, I want those people to have help. That’s because I believe that not everyone has the ability to figure things out themselves. To figure out how to get a job, succeed on a job interview, not everyone has the skills or the gifts. So, I want people to have help. I don’t argue that people are lazy. I think most people would work if they could, most people would like to feed their family, would like to live indoors. Sometimes we just need help.

Great kids aren’t engineered, but they aren’t happy accidents either. If you work very hard with them, and you absolutely love them and stay very present with them, you might end up with kids that love you. You should end up with kids that love you.

If you want to succeed as a creative person, it won’t happen by accident. If you work very hard, and you spend incredible amounts of time working to achieve a level of mastery and excellence in your work, then you might get small piece of luck.

But what does happen by accident? Meeting the one you love. In fact, if you try to engineer love, it probably won’t happen. If you go searching for it, you probably won’t find it. Love has to happen by mistake. Happy accidents.

Other possible happy accidents that you can’t make happen:

1. Having your in laws like you especially your mother-in-law.
2. Being tall.
3. Being naturally thin. (Why didn’t I get this?)
4. Having a propensity for languages.
5. Being musically talented.

Accidents that you can make happen.

1. Creating good work.
2. Getting along with your ex.
3. Raising good kids.
4. Getting along with your spouse.
5. Having a great love life.

So here’s to happiness accidental or otherwise.

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