Happy July 4th

July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th Everybody! Hope you have bigger plans than playing around on FB. Hope you can actually walk away from the screen, from the game, from the phone and have an actual conversation with somebody. See them. Talk to them. Have a drink with them. And hopefully that person is one of your loved ones that you can get crazy with.

We are only having over July 4th people that we can get crazy with and hang out and relax and chill. I hope M can get that barbecue going because I love barbecue chicken and watermelon.

The kids are all home and we’re summering it. And we want to see Prometheus and Moonrise Kingdom and eat ridiculous amounts of popcorn and those sour patch candies. Cassidy says that our family is big and loud and overwhelming and there is always something happening here, now what can she mean by that?

We are going wine tasting the weekend after next in the Santa Ynez to celebrate having been married for 12 years and being together for 18 years, all of the years have been great, but some of the hours have been stressful and some of the minutes have been insane, like look here Buster, I can’t believe we are going through this again? Why is this publishing company needing more of our money? Why don’t these authors do something? This is like starting a family but everyone in the family is a trust fund kid who lets you get moved out of the hotel like in the Royal Tenenbaums and at the same time, they call you and want you to do stuff for them that you don’t want to do because you’re busy packing and moving out of the hotel into the trailer and from the trailer to the car, and from the car to the beach/woods, not the nice beach/woods but the one where mosquitoes and poison oak await you, those forests and sands. And these kids need some discipline! But no mama wants to deliver it, she just wants to play with these kids and lie in the hammock or imagine lying in the hammock if she weren’t rapping on the keyboard and drinking a glass of wine listening to Lisa Germano.

We are still going and the long marriage is all about knowing the person well and the froth and joy of longing and wet wonder that you still like each other.

I really should go for a run now. It’s light enough. It’s almost 6 am and I need to stretch my legs and find out if gravity still works or if I have become a moon person in Greece and now am floating.

Still completely crazed with the jet lag, I woke at 3:30 am and that was all she wrote.

So, I’m going for a run. Then coming back to cook for the party. The party is going to be a tumble of wild.

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  1. The holiday celebrated on the fourth day of July is called Independace day.

    • Independence Day. Right.

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