July 4th preparations, hairy eyeballs

July 2nd, 2012

In case you don’t know what to do for July 4th, here you go.

July 4th is coming up in 2 days, so you should have already made your plans. Plans for the 4th, in case you just got here or are trying to learn the ways of our country involve the following:

1. Big party/barbecue with the family
2. Corn, potato salad (you can leave the mayonnaise potato salad in the sunlight and the whole family can get food poisoning! Though I wouldn’t suggest it.)
3. Barbecue –usually involves chicken and ribs
4. Watermelon
5. Fireworks—unless you live in Colorado, I don’t think they’re allowing this yr
6. Lots of beer, wine, and if you live in California, margaritas

It’s actually a pretty simple holiday as holidays with rituals go. Not much too it. Food, family, fireworks. Some people like to go to the beach/lake/woods.

Here is what we are doing. We just got back in town, so we are gathering la familia for a barbecue at our house. Almost everyone is coming. Tracy and family, Karen and Mike, my ex and his wife, the kids, most of our closest friends who are our family are showing up. Jackie, Nicelle, JJ. Should be great.

We’ll have music and our own variation of the July 4th menu.

Ours is:

Pasta salad
Greek salad
Olives and bread
Barbecue chicken
Beer and wine
Desserts that people bring.

We don’t like mayonnaise, we think it’s evil, so we make pasta salad with olives and peppers and onions and oil and vinegar.

Mayonnaise does not, for the record, cause food poisoning. It’s putting mayonnaise into foods and then letting them sit in the sun. If your tuna salad, potato salad, sandwiches etc are in a cooler, you should be fine. We just don’t like it. It’s slimy. Well, my son likes it, but the rest of us don’t.

We also don’t like gravy. It’s not a necessary food. Who needs it? Gravy makes me think of meatloaf and meatloaf makes me think of overcooked green beans, liver and medication you have to take as a child like cod liver oil or gargling with hot salt water or other stuff you have to do as a child when you’re bad like sit in the corner which by the way isn’t as bad as it seems. You can daydream in the corner. But not if your mouth is full of liver and onions that you didn’t swallow. Or gravy.

Which brings me back to July 4th. Have a good one.

I am still so jet lagged it’s ridiculous. The first morning I got up at 6 am. Last night I picked up Mark at midnight, went to bed at 2 am and yes, got up at 5:30. I should be a real joy today. Just a peach. I already have that nasty exhausted crawling feeling in the backs of my eyeballs. It’s kind of like your eyeballs are hairy. Yes, hairy eyeballs is a distinct feeling. Do you ever get it?

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