Foods that will kill you, Greek writing vacation moves on

Nasty food your mother made you eat

Eating Greek salads and feta every day is great, to say nothing of the great fresh fruit, but for some reason makes us think about the nasty foods one had to eat as a child that came from the world’s worst cookbook, yes, you know it The Good Housekeeping Cookbook. It’s red and white and looks like a tablecloth? Yeah, that one.

We were going through the yucky foods we had to eat as children and now, I share them with you in case you had to eat some of the same foods. I am proud to say that I successfully raised by children to incredible heights without having them eat a single one of these foods. Well, they ate vegetables, but no recipes out of this cookbook.

Let’s start with the worst of all—the pot roast. Yes, this hunk of red meat with strings around it. What were the strings for, was it going to get away? There are four different versions in the cookbook, with various amounts of gravy and vegetables on the side.

Now, let’s move on to what they call S.O.S., creamed chipped beef on toast. (Shit on a Shingle, if you ate it in the military.) For some reason, when guys returned from the military, they still wanted to eat this food which looks like dog food.

Okay, Spam. There is a recipe in Good Housekeeping for spam and cheese chowder which involved canned corn, evap milk, spam, pimientos. You get it. Lordy, lordy.

Liver and onions. Let’s not go into the details.

Meatloaf. The cookbook has more than ten recipes for this dish which is just about ten to many.

Pork chops. Clearly popular since there are over a dozen recipes for this food. Even as a kid, I practically cried when we had nothing to eat but pork chops. I didn’t eat them, I gave them away.

With these meat dishes, the mothers used to serve peas, as in, Eat your peas this minute, they’re good for you!, brussel sprouts, boiled cabbage, boiled potatoes, cooked carrots, sometimes lima beans, and of course turnips and rutabagas. And beets.

American food has improved. Thank you Julia Childs and the food revolution. We raised our kids with none of these recipes and without a casserole in sight. Now more and more kitchens have pasta, rice, fresh salads and lightly cooked vegetables. Here in Greece, it’s all about fresh. We go to the market every day.

What’s bad about America’s food? Too much fast food and chain food.

Pot pies—most of them, if you eat a whole pie have over 1000 calories and most of that is fat.

Olive Garden—home of the world’s worst Italian food—the tour of Italy platter with a breadstick—1500 calories.

You can get more unhealthy food at Applebees, Red Lobster, and Macaronis. They don’t need chefs. They have pre-made food.

I could go on, but Americans eat out too much. Maybe that’s because they don’t know how to cook. If you don’t know how to cook, you could learn. But if you buy a cookbook, start with Moosewood, not the Good Housekeeping. You’ll live longer.

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