Dream of sailing

June 23, 2012

The swimming and writing continues. We haven’t had this long to write ever. The last vacation like this we took was on our honeymoon in 2000.

Being here makes me want to travel more. Italy. Back to Spain. We never saw Barcelona. France.

I like to actually go to a place for a few days, walk around, feel the streets. Eat some great food and some cheap food. Know where the locals eat.

We eat Greek salads—cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, onions—usually red, and a slab of feta on top. They give you fresh bread with it. Today we had eggplant salad and stuffed squash blossoms. And sometimes we get calamari too. M says he’s not too hungry, but I am. After the two hour swim. The people at the taverna asked if I am a professional swimmer. I said I wished. They also have this flaming feta dish that’s great, but we only had that in Athens.

I told Mark that I want to make this Greek salad more at home but I might add avocado. He says it won’t really be a Greek salad then, it would be a California salad. I say that it’s still a Greek salad until I replace the cucumbers with chayote and the feta with Queso Fresca, then it is officially a Mexican salad.

The island has a lot of goats. Billy goats smell like wild pigs. I don’t know why they smell so bad, but they do. You don’t smell them unless you stop to say hello to the goats and give them scraps. There are also numerous chickens. Our book says there are vipers, but so far, we haven’t met them. The island has its fair share of cats and kittens. They’re begging for food in the restaurants and they’re everywhere in the Chora. Athens was over run with stray dogs none of which seemed dangerous. As I write this, I’m watching the black cat who brings her kittens into our yard some mornings. This morning she’s got them in our neighbor’s yard.

In the bay there are two beautiful huge sailing boats, maybe 100 feet long. One is Turkish and black with three sails and a jib. What a dream it would be to sail around the Greek islands. I want to see Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes. Maybe Crete too. The sailboat was the most elegant thing lying in the bay. Made all the cruise ships and tugboats and ferry boats look like hunched over thick ankled dwarfs and giants.

Oddly, M and are on different sleep cycles here. I get up at 6 am, he sleeps till 8. But it works out because I either rest in the afternoon or go to bed earlier, so we both get some time alone. The ideal life involves waking up when your body is ready. No alarm clock.

Life away from alarm clocks. Time to write. Time to dream. Ride the motororbike. Swim. Drink Santorini wine.

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