Nude beaches in Greece

June 16th, 2012

Nude beaches and Greece

I’ve said a lot about nudity and nudist camps in my blog, but clearly that isn’t stopping me from saying more.

People who get excited by nude beaches usually have one or more of the following things going for them.

1. They’re not Americans. Now I know there are a bunch of clothing optional places in California, and they have Americans going there, but let’s face it, America is a puritanical country. In Europe there are far more beaches where you can be nude or at least topless than the U.S. which hardly has any.
2. They’re older. You’d think that young people would be sporting their buff selves, but often younger people wish they looked better and are self conscious and the older people get, the less they care what people think of them.
3. They’re male. Yes, men are far more likely to be willing to sport it in the buff themselves and of course, they like the idea of seeing nude females. If you are female, walking around nude can lead to bad stuff happening to you—obviously—people might think your body doesn’t look good and we haven’t even gotten to the bad stuff yet. If you’re male, you can strut your stuff, hoping people aren’t going to look away.

Patmos isn’t an island with a lot of nude beaches. There are a few and one which we’ll probably go back to. If you google secret nude beaches on Patmos, it will come up. It’s called Psilli Amos. But actually, it has a nice café, families go there and not everyone is nude. I like it there because clothing is optional but you don’t have to get naked. However, the thing that makes it all work for me is that I don’t know anyone there except my husband, so I’m really not concerned what anyone thinks of me. I’m not Angelina Jolie, so no one is taking pictures of me from afar. Or nearby for that matter.

That seems to me to be the key to comfortable nudity. I like Esalen, I like nude beaches, being au natural on vacation is great. As long as there is no one around except your spouse. The point is that you can relax. Feel like kicking back. If you’re worried about who is looking at your backside, that relaxing part isn’t happening.

But, to each his or her own, and if you’ve got it and you’re feeling the urge, and it’s legal, why then flaunt it.

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