Greek fighters!, Benaki Museum, And underneath the skirt…

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  1. The white pleated skirt came back into fashion for a brief time in the 60’s, clothing designs on arms and legs have been replaced with tattoos, and red shoes will always be a fashion statement. Thanks for sharing this. I’m a sucker for dark hair and a mustache. LOL

  2. The uncompleted thought “and underneath the skirt” is supposed to lead to—what? Greeks wear briefs or underwear. Scots cannot be depended on to do the same and are very defiant about it. So LET them soil their more expensive garment when a simple pair of undies might well protect it. Also if in this defiance they push it too far, indecent exposure charges await. It may have happened somewhere already. Wearing underwear makes all kinds of sense. Being defiant about an objectionable and risky state does not. But since when do any conformists and traditionalists engage in reason?

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