2nd day in Athens

Blogging from the hotel computer because getting my laptop to get online isn’t easy.

2nd day in Athens. We have a debate at breakfast. What to do before we catch the 7 pm boat?

My vote–I want to go get a massage and then go shopping.

Athens is in a heat wave, thick layers of heat rolling over the city and amid this heat, they prepare for elections and walk about and drink coffee and beer and ouzo.

Mark wants to go to the Benaki Museum. He wants to see more Greek antiquities. More vases, Greek jewelry and clothing, plus these rooms set up the way they used to be.

Guess what we end up doing?

Yes, darling blog reader, you guessed it. We went off in the heat and thick light to the museum, I felt like I was walking into a wall of heat. I felt like I was drowning in it. The museum wasn’t my cup of tea, but I got some pictures of the Greek paintings of Jesus and the saints–Jesus is Black according to these artists and yes, his mother is Black too. And he has curly hair, just like it says in Revelations.

As my students say to me, Dr. G. Jesus was Black. You read the Book of Revelations? Well, it says his hair is like wool. Is your hair like wool, Dr. G? I didn’t think so.

Well, according to the Greeks, they’re right.

There were also men in tights and white skirts with sabres and guns in the paintings. The question is whether the equipment under the skirt is as scary looking as the guns and sabres.

Lord Byron’s pistols were there too.

I walked back to the hotel and waited for Mark. I hope Patmos is cooler than here.

I could float away on the heat. I could be a bee swarm humming on the wind.

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