First day in Athens

The Parthenon

Up at 6 am, breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Acropolis. In Europe, they like to serve breakfast as part of the hotel fee. This breakfast is coffee, a basket full of toast, pound cake and bread, and some sort of orange drink that is a cross between Tang and Sunny Delight. Oddly, you want something cold, so down it goes. And there’s a hard boiled egg and jam for the bread and a slice of cheese. For Americans, this is different, but actually, we’re pretty fine with it.

We went to the Acropolis and climbed the hill. The top is a mesh of scaffolding and huge stones everywhere. There are lots of guides who you can hear talking to their crews of people. You hear them explaining that because of the Ottoman Empire, much of Greek Antiquity was destroyed and that’s why the whole area is in disarray. I would blame the Persians. I don’t blame my parents for my faults, I like to blame my great grand parents. What were they thinking? The Ottoman Empire ended about a century ago, but I guess, it explains a lot.

We walked all over the Acropolis and then went to the Acropolis museum where there are big gaps in the display of the marbles that were around the Parthenon with plasters in their place and signs showing where those marbles are, “BM” which means British Museum.

All the guides seem trained to talk about this constantly. They say that the British need to give back the Elgin Marbles and all the other parts of the Parthenon and one piece is even in the Louvre. They want that back too.

We shared a tomato salad for lunch and had some beer and wine. The sun was heavy and thick by that time. We sat outside a café and the waiter brought the Greek salad—tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers and a slice of feta on top and we ate a few olives. The sun was pressing down on us even in the shade and I could feel jet lag and the four hours of sleep hitting me pretty hard.

We’re going to the flea market and dinner now. Tomorrow we take the boat to Patmos.

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