Who are you attracted to and would you like to see them change? Or would you like to see them be the same? Very much the same.

May 29th, 2012

Who are you attracted to and would you like to see them change? Or would you like to see them be the same? Very much the same.

I always wonder about men who do not want their wives to lose weight and dye their hair. I’m not sure which is weirder, wanting your wife to stay heavy and let her hair go gray or wanting her to be as thin as possible and have huge unnatural boobs. Or better yet, wanting a new wife every few years and getting them younger and younger.

Okay, let’s do the first one. Your wife is a bit heavy and her hair is going gray. She wants to pull it together, dye her hair, get some sharp looking clothes and start going to the gym. You should encourage her. You should want your wife to look as beautiful as possible. If you want her to look ugly so that no one else but you could possibly want her, that’s a shame. Let her live it up. Let her strut her stuff.

What if you want her to get some plastic surgery, stay a size four, diet all the time. Stay rail thin, try skateboarding. You want her to be perfect. You need her to be perfect. You want her to look twenty-five. You need that. Try controlling your own body. Let her be herself.

Or… you keep exchanging wives. One after another. It gives men hope that life hasn’t passed them by. They can be with someone malleable. Someone who won’t judge them. Someone to let them be the boss. A young woman to adore him. This usually happens to men late 40s, early 50’s. Their wives are at their most bossy and successful. Why not ditch them for a young filly?

The Jennifer syndrome according author Barbara Gordon:

A Jennifer is a woman whose main attribute is her youth in comparison with the age of the beholder. In that sense I could be a Jennifer to a 75-year-old man. But real Jennifers, according to the men I interviewed, have a certain amount of bounce and youth and malleability. They’re not scarred.

What do you mean by “scarred”?

They’re untouched by life. They have yet to be disappointed by lovers, have yet to experience a bad career blow, and they don’t have children who have disappointed them. They’re all future, hope, possibility. Several men I interviewed admitted that these women are not judgmental. They offer blind adoration. …

I was shocked that a couple of men brought up the idea of “licensed incest”—that it added a whole dimension of illicit thrill. But for most men, it may just be the desire to be a mentor.


According to Gordon, men who are “Jennifer proof,” are very confident in themselves. They don’t need a woman adoring them to feel okay. They may appreciate young beautiful women, but their ego doesn’t need to be with someone who worships them 24/7. Unlike the man who needs a Jennifer and a sports car because of his low self esteem and need for validation from the outside, the Jennifer proof man, has his own inner sense of self worth.

There are all kinds of relationships. Some healthy, some not. I wouldn’t go around bragging about my own, but we make do. We lurch toward craziness. We dance through life on two left feet.


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