Portland is cold and wet

March 31st, 2012

Portland is cold and wet, but it feels great. I like the feeling of it, the dampness and there’s a sort of sweetness in the air. I like the smell of leaves opening and things blooming. The magnolias are blooming and it feels like spring in a way that Los Angeles never does. Los Angeles spring climbs in bed with winter in a way that people just climb and fall into bed with each other in Los Angeles because they’re so close to being undressed anyway that it doesn’t take much.

And then, in Los Angeles summer falls on your head in huge blocks of heavy light, here I think summer introduces itself first. Like a lover who might want more later. Steph says summer introduces itself so slowly and carefully that you never really get cozy and intimate because by the time you realize summer is there, it’s too late for a serious relationship. That’s the problem with people who are socially awkward or to shy, get to the point man, if you want me, just lean into it. Summer’s almost over and you want to get the girl while she’s still in short skirts.

My friend’s place is somewhere that I always feel at home. Steph’s place is sort of calm and green.

Last night my friend took me to meet Pip Hanson at the Marvel Bar. He learned bar tending in Japan and the man has skills. He makes an Old Fashioned with a large chunk of ice, apparently chipped ice waters the drink down. He made Jen an Olivetti which is a gin drink which also has egg white. To die for. And I don’t even like gin that much. Then we had dinner at the Bachelor Farm which had really great food. With a Barolo. I was asleep seconds after I got back to my hotel room. But fortunately when Steph picked me up today we went off to the Tin Shed for brunch where I could recover with extra orange juice, salmon and eggs.

Red Hen is having a party with The Los Angeles Review at a cool place in The Pearl which is this are of Portland that people tell me is expensive. Tonight we’re going somewhere cool for dinner. More on that tomorrow.

Portland is a more relaxed place than Los Angeles. People breathe here. From time to time.

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