American Airlines, San Francisco

Feb 27th, 2012, Monday


San Francisco


Why some people like the Bay Area better thanLos Angeles


My daughter is living in San Francisco out on the Peninsula and going to SFSU.  She loves it there.  She loves the gay bars, the fog rolling in from the Pacific, the public transportation, the Golden Gate Bridge, she loves Chinatown. And friends and family keep going up to visit her because people inLos Angeles generally loveSan Francisco as a vacation destination.


I’ve been there so much that I don’t like doing tourist things up there any more.  For one thing, I hate driving because I drive too much at home.  I don’t need to visit Fisherman’s Wharf or the bridge, but I do want to go back to Golden Gate Park and we’re going there for Mother’s Day.


If I moved to the Bay Area, I would live inBerkeley,Albanyor Kensington.  I like those areas.  I like the cheese store and the restaurants, I like Telegraph andRaleighsand of course, I love the French Hotel and its coffee shop.  I also like that it’s warmer in theEastBaythan over where my daughter is living on thePeninsula.  But she is not a sun worshipper so for her, it’s perfect.


We have more and more friends up there so on our next visit, we are going to Santa Cruz to stay with our friends there, to Santa Rosa to stay with friends there, one night with our daughter and on a five or six day trip will probably only spend one night at the French Hotel.  In the Bay Area, everything seems more accessible because you can take the Bart. Los Angelesidea of public transportation is a joke.


So although I’ve passed the point of wanting to do touristy things in SF and we have so many friends up there that we barely have time for hotels, I still love it. I love the cool air, the bookstores, the coffee shops, the restaurants, and the women wearing little or no makeup and comfortable clothes, at least inBerkeley.  In the city, they look more like L.A.women.  In Los Angeles we’re still in heels; we’ve had our facials, we have our sharp clothes, tongues and boots.


Well, I finally arrived in Arkansas.  Sunday, I was supposed to fly from LAX at 8:05 am, but the plane had mechanical failure.  At 10 am they announced it couldn’t be fixed.  They told everyone they could get in line.  Several hundred people lined up at customer service.  I went over to the kiosk by the line and called the American Airline number in my iPhone and asked them for a new flight and they re-routed me through Chicago on a 1 pm flight getting me into Arkansas at around midnight, but hey, at lest I got out of town.  I waved to the people in line as my new boarding passes printed at the kiosk and ambled off to my new gate. But waiting at the airport for five hours isn’t nearly as much fun as you might think.  I could have been home doing any number of things.


For the record, American Airlines has very nice and competent people working on the phone to re-rout you.  The only reason I’m still not a fan is that

1.  The other passengers said that since American Airlines has financial problems, you are always being re-routed and cancelled on AA.

2. It’s just not nearly as comfortable as Virgin.  Virgin you can order your own food and drinks, you have your own in flight entertainment right at your seat and Virgin makes you feel like a queen and that’s how I like to feel.  American makes you feel like a Vienna sausage which is not at all how I want to feel.



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