What kind of vacation works for you?

June 22, 2011


Our first day in Hawaii was beyond grand.  I worked a bit, but not too much.  That’s the ideal on vacations as I see it.  Some people would like the idea of doing nothing all vacation.


My friend Lin always likes vacations to be exciting.  She likes to go to San Francisco, Vegas,Tahiti or on a cruise.  She likes to feel that a party is happening all the time on vacation.  She has a very quiet life at home, so on vacation, she wants up the ante, she wants to feel the roar of people around her.  She wants to go to the Yard House.


My sister-in-law and her husband like cruises or camping in an enormous RV, or when they went to Hawaii, they drove all over Kauai putting miles on their rental.  They went out to eat every day; they drove to restaurants and ice cream shops.  When we went to the same island, we didn’t go anywhere.  We stayed in our house, cooked at home, and walked to the beach to swim.


Some people like to go on vacations where they can do extreme sports, some like to go places where they can be nude, (according to recent polls, 48% of Americans would like to vacation nude, part of the reason for this may be the extra baggage fees that airlines are charging)  some like vacations where they can shop all the time, one little shop after another. Some like laying out and having people bring them drinks in a pool.  That seems like a very popular vacation.  Being in a pool with a swim up bar is something many people would like.  Millions of Americans like the pool vacation or the Las Vegas orAtlantic City.  Consumerism is the most popular way of spending one’s spare time.


The most expensive vacation you can go on is to Dubai.


A  battle is brewing for bragging rights to the most expensive vacation. The Emirates Palace resort in Abu Dhabi announced a Million Dollar Travel package that “incarnates pure opulence.” Along with first-class airfare and seven nights at a giant suite at the Palace, the package includes:

Chauffeur-driven Maybach at your disposal daily during your stay in Abu Dhabi. 
Daily spa treatments. 
Day trip in private jet to Iran where you’ll create your own Persian carpet with the country’s most-exclusive and best-renowned hand-maker.
Day trip to Bahrain in private jet for “a pearl deep sea experience,” with the pearl hand-designed settings.

The Emirates is hoping the trip gets it a slot in the Guinness Book of World Records. But it turns out that Leading Hotels of the World has its own ode to opulence. Its $1 million Around the World in 80 Ways trip, which plays off the storied journey of Phileas Fogg, lets travelers recreate the 19th-century around-the-world fantasy experience with 21st-century comfort and flair.




Others really like camping.  According to “Stuff White People Like,” White people really like camping.



If you find yourself trapped in the middle of the woods without electricity, running water, or a car you would likely describe that situation as a “nightmare” or “a worse case scenario like after plane crash or something.” White people refer to it as “camping.”

When white people begin talking to you about camping they will do their best to tell you that it’s very easy and it allows them to escape the pressures and troubles of the urban lifestyle for a more natural, simplified, relaxing time. Nothing could be further from the truth.


We like going places where we can do the following:


  1. Relax and be comfortable
  2. Make our own food
  3. Let our kids do what they want and go where they want hence Pismo, Catalina, Zaca Lake (especially when they were younger)
  4. Drive as little as possible
  5. See and interact with as few people as possible
  6. Be just with our family at meals
  7. Do athletic stuff like running, hiking, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking
  8. Have Wifi unless we are camping
  9. If not camping, watch movies would be nice, but we don’t need TV
  10. Mix our own drinks.
  11. Plenty of quiet so we can read.
  12. Plenty of quiet so we can write and think.
  13. No need to dress up
  14. No need to pull self together and code shift.  Can absolutely be yourself.


We’re a pretty chill group; life is good, but I suggest if you’re dating, make sure you agree on your idea of a vacation.

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