Israeli Reality TV, The Break of Noon, Geffen Playhouse, Neil LaBute

January 28th, 2011

 Okay, I can’t even describe yesterday without the day getting mixed up because most of the day I had a migraine and it was beautiful and the sunshine pouring down in Los Angeles confused me about why my head hurt and I was so tired.  I got up early, answered emails, went to the gym, went to the office, meeting with board member, lunch with another board member, back for more meetings, now it’s getting better, my staff member Chris and I go off to the set to be filmed for an Israeli reality TV show.

 This is the part where you’re saying, okay, Kate, you’re kidding, no, but I’m not.  Now, you haven’t met Chris, but I chose him because our staff being Los Angeles is very mixed up and Chris is the one who looks like I figured other people think Americans look.  I wanted to send Nora our publicist who would have looked amazing and pretend that she was me.  Nora weighs about 85 pounds (half kidding, maybe 100?) after swimming if she swims, I don’t know and in a black dress and blond wig I could have pretended that she was me, and she even has a low husky voice due to years of smoking, but they took pictures of me so they were looking for a big blond Swedish looking American not a skinny Italian.  So, couldn’t send in Nora.  We agreed originally because we thought it was going to be filmed at Red Hen to do this,  but apparently that didn’t look like the Israeli idea of Los Angeles so we ended up in a mansion somewhere with palm trees and a pool.  No servants, that would have been nice.  Chris and I were hoping for the Playboy Mansion.  There were ducks outside. 

 It was this show with girls who sing and cook, twins.  Famous singers. The twins were really sexy and sang for us and pitched us a cookbook they want to publish with Moroccan recipes which sounded great.  They had this guy hanging out with them who helped to translate.  He was cute.  Let’s be honest, I wanted the director to come in the shot, he looked like Gabriel Byrne; he had green eyes and this come hither and keep coming hither sort of look, I wish I had worn some truly sexy attire that had shown my own come hither look to him of course nothing would have come of it, but there’s nothing like letting a person know, man, you have got it going on!  In this guy’s case, I am thinking he knew it!  He was scruffy and unshaven and badly dressed and those eyes, yes, he had it all.  Just looking at the other guys on set with their boxers showing and their slouching ways, and the drink table reminded of going on set to see my kids’ dad when he was doing many shoots especially when he was working with Weird Al and our kids loved seeing Weird Al videos being shot.

 So, after all that fun, I had a great dinner at Palomino with my friend Rex Wilder and I won’t go into that except to say it was very comforting; Rex and his wife Angela have been friends for a long time.  And maybe they will even get us into yoga one of these days, who knows?  I am always happier after I see Rex.

 Nora and I go off to see Break of Noon.  Don’t keep reading if you’re afraid I’m going to ruin the play because I might, but I do absolutely recommend you go and see it because it’s about two important issues in our culture:  Religious zealots, and where does that come from except hypocrisy and bullies. 

 First, I need to get better seats at the Geffen. Next season!  Okay, so this is my first play by Neil LaBute, I think.  The set is weird, all the lights and so on, but cool.  The acting as is usual at the Geffen is amazing.  Here’s what’s weird about the play.  Nora and I sat there and started off, this is cool and then a while later, we said, this sucks, and then, this is getting better, and then, this is great.  In the end, we liked the play.  I think in retrospect, that the lawyer scene, the TV scene were emotionally fulfilling for the audience because they resonate, we grasp them. 

 The scene where the charlatan is trying to convert a woman—and there are two of them are so emotionally distasteful, in one (dead giveaway here) he’s trying to convert a young woman he was just trying to sleep with, it’s so makes your skin crawl that Nora and I kept looking at each other as if to force each other to not leave the theatre. 

 It’s an odd note that American born again Christianity makes most sane intellectuals feel a bit of a chill.  But this play is about more than that. It’s also about another subject that’s been in the news lately and that subject is bullying.  We’d like to think that it’s just at the school level, but it’s not.  Adults bully too, sometimes until the person decides to either kill themselves or go on a killing spree and that’s part of what this play concerns.  This man knew that he was guilty of the deaths of all those innocent people because he was a bully, but he never confessed; instead he decided to profit on their deaths by making himself a phony celebrity.  You should see the play, it will give you something to argue your friends about besides the Superbowl.

 What’s wrong with born again American Christianity? Jerry Falwell says

“The idea that religion and politics don’t mix was invented by the Devil to keep Christians from running their own country.”

“I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won’t have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them. What a happy day that will be!”

The ACLU is to Christians what the American Nazi party is to Jews.”

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