Traditions for Christmas Eve, why the Johnny Depp movie won

December 24th

 Christmas Eve

 Everyone has their own Christmas eve traditions.  Some people like to go to confession and confess their sins.  In theory, this seems like an excellent plan, you could go into the new year all fresh and clean, but I would never get my Christmas presents in that case and that would be sad.  I’m not even really clear on what constitutes a venial sin vs mortal sins but I am sure I have committed plenty of each, so no, I wouldn’t be doing that on Christmas eve.

 We usually have pizza Christmas eve and play Monopoly and lay out cookies and milk for Santa although our kids never believed in Santa.  We just went through the loops, but they seemed to like it.  When they were small and we had two chimneys there was a sign on the roof by the second chimney that said, “Santa, Got extra toys, drop them here!”

 Tomorrow, since there are only four of us, we are breaking the tradition and going for margaritas and watching True Grit

 Some people open one present Christmas eve, but we don’t do that, that’s called cheating for us.  We actually don’t get up early Christmas morning, even when the kids were little, we didn’t.  We always got up at 8 or so because we like to sleep in and we need all the sleep we can get.  The ideal for Christmas eve is that it’s time to hang out and really have fun with your immediate family and that is what we’ve been doing every year, sometimes my ex comes by to see the kids and that’s always fun too, sometimes my friend Rachel comes by, but it’s always just close immediate family, we don’t have to dress up or behave or do anything ridiculous.  We don’t have to make a special meal unless we want to.  It’s all about familia, relaxing and being ourselves.  We’re always happy Christmas eve.  This is our family’s 17th time together. 

 Girls won!  We’re off to see The Tourist even if the critics hate it, who cares?  I do not want to see a guy movie with lots of shooting that’s going to give me a headache on Christmas eve even though I do love the Coen Brothers.  No Country for Old Men was a great movie but no reason to see it twice.  Johnny Depp is a joy to see as many times as possible.  Off to margaritas and the movies.

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