Thanksgiving Day

November 25th, 2010

 Why boycott Thanksgiving?  My friend Nora boycotts it as a protest because of the slaughter of the Native Americans.  Although she is herself Italian, so she could have simply protested it by saying that she prefers pasta and wine.  But Nora has strong feelings about the Native rights, and although I agree with her in principle, not strongly enough to not eat turkey, or more specifically, I’m not sure if my stop eating turkey would help the situation that happened centuries before I was born. 

 In other words, can changing my eating habits retroactively make a statement about murders that have occurred in the name of Christianity, manifest destiny and colonialism?

I don’t think so myself.  But I fully respect Nora’s choice to refrain from Thanksgiving.

 What makes far more sense to me is to boycott Black Friday.  I am well aware that retailers need to run in the black, hence the name. I am also aware that at some point people like to buy Christmas stuff, but why so many people need to shop on this particular day staggers me and why one would want to shop on a day when everyone else is shopping, lines are long, malls and stores are madly crowded, why not do anything else?  Sleep, read, go for a walk, oh, these are all things you do alone and I forgot, you probably like to be with other people, so… go to a movie, a play, a game, but leave the shopping to other fools. 

 Enjoy Thanksgiving and your family.  Hopefully you have a warm loving family and not one of those crazy families.  We are at the relaxing part.

 We are watching Orlando and we are at the point where the poet Green is explaining to Orlando that if he is not given some money he cannot continue to write poetry.  He also says that the art of poetry is sadly dead in England.  Tilda Swinton is so amazing in this. 

 Here’s an excerpt from a fun little piece on her life. 

“When the Scottish actress Tilda Swinton won an Academy Award on Sunday evening for Best Supporting Actress, further media spotlights turned to her ménage à trois (French for “household of three”) with two men (and twin 10-year-olds) in the Scottish Highlands.

 When off-duty she proudly sports hairy legs and “gnarled” feet.

She has no television in her house, for fear of making her children “torpid”. Instead she prizes joy, creativity and above all intelligence….  (I love this part! Her kids will grow up to be like my kids, who also had no television, brilliant!)

 The British are bohemianphiles in every respect, except sex. We love dogs at the table, we appreciate gardening in the nude and a casual approach to heirlooms…. But we have yet to swallow the idea of an open relationship, even one that has lasted 18 years and works well for all involved… (We Americans do not like dogs at the table at all.  We also frown on gardening in the nude.)

 The average Hollywood child has to get used to several “parents” in a lifetime…. Either mum or dad will be in rehab at some point, and in acrimonious litigation with each other sooner or later…. [So] by modern standards, the Swinton set-up is remarkably secure and uncomplicated.

 Well, glad to be relaxing, and hope you, my reader are having an excellent day as well. 


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