Fellowship of the Frog, wine, fornication

October 29th

 To sushi tonight with my brother and sister-in-law.  Good times.  He’s just recovering from hip surgery which can’t be easy and he is desperate to go back to work.  I could really get a kick out of being in my house for two weeks.  (This has never happened to me but I imagine it would be fun.) I would write, watch movies and get people to wait on me.  I like the idea of people waiting on me.  May never happen, but sounds fun.   But Alan isn’t the type.  He likes to work.  I’m so tired now that I can’t breathe.  Tomorrow we drive back to LA.  Great time with Joe and Peggy.  We went to Frog’s Leap where you can join the Fellowship of the Frog.  Which is better than the Fellowship of the Ring which ends in a long walk toward Mordor and who needs that when you could fellowshipping with other wine lovers?

 Ongoing discussion of the Jolly Farmer which continues in the comments on my blog. 

 One person says:  George and Sarah lived together in the Cottage behind Forbe’s House in Bermuda before they were married.  It is ridiculous to say they did not live together before they were married, however I don’t know if anyone ever actually saw them in the act.  It is also naive to say that the Jolly Farmer is above that, because there has been plenty of premarital sex that happens there.  Trust me, I know this for certain.  It would do them a lot of good to lose the whole “holier than thou” attitude.  Basically, the Jolly Farmer started out as a group of conservative Christians, as “Anonymous” says.  However, it has morphed over the years into a profitable business that operates under the guise of Christianity, but in reality the almighty dollar has the last word.

 Someone else replies:   I think that only God, George, and Sarah know the honest truth as to whether George and Sarah committed fornication.  If there are others who actually saw something with their own eyes, I have not heard of it.  On the other hand, I believe there is no question that they did indeed live together in the same trailer and tree house before they were married.  This obviously gave the impression and appearance to many that they were indeed “together” before marriage.  So whether or not they actually did sleep together, God does say to stay away from the appearance of evil.  I would have to think that this would especially be the case if one is putting themselves in a position where others are looking up to you and following you in the your teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have heard some compare George to Paul and I don’t think that there is any time or place where Paul would have put himself in a questionable situation such as this especially if he was already married.

As to the comment that this “is a total lie and totally goes against what the Jolly Farmer’s stand for,” I have to smile and feel sorry for you.  Basically it sounds like you are saying that since the Jolly Farmer supposedly doesn’t stand for sin, there is then no sin at the commune.  Of course we all know this can’t be as God clearly states that none are without sin and there is nothing new under the sun.  I also know for a fact that fornication and many other sins did in fact happen on more than a one time basis at the Jolly Farmer.  Not that this is shocking or any different than any other group of Christians or non-Christians around the world.  The point I am trying to make here is that while you are disillusioned into thinking that such things can’t and don’t happen there, the rest of us have no problem seeing that the people at Jolly Farmer are no different from the entire rest of the human population.  The Jolly Farmer is not special or set apart in any way from the rest of

The Christian world.

 I personally like the word “fornication,” it has the ring of real sin.  It sounds more exciting than theft, more lethal than coveting.  Of the seven deadly sins, “fornication” sounds the wickedest.  And wicked or not it makes great stories and poems.  The stuff of love songs.  I couldn’t keep my hands off you and that’s what led to fornication.

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