Report on West Hollywood Book Fair

September 26, 2010

 The whole thing went well.  Here are some things that happened today.

  1. A woman in the Green Room told me to give away my dog.
  2. There was a clown who had a strange nose.
  3. It was very hot.  Maybe 100 degrees at the book fair, but actually about 115 degrees in the San Fernando Valley.  It was so insanely hot, it felt like hot death.
  4. I saw many people there, some who I thought didn’t like me or Red Hen and everyone was very nice.  Were they sucking up?  I couldn’t tell. 
  5. I made dinner tonight. Salad of course, cooking actual food would have been a travesty.  The air was too hot to breathe.  We ate the salad with beets, gorgonzola, hard boiled eggs. 
  6. We decided to watch the Invention of Lying which we are enjoying. The mom wants to have her daughter marry the best man.  She’s manipulating her daughter into marrying someone who is “better.” It’s funny, I really think that some people have all the luck and they can just walk around the world and everything goes right.  Some of us aren’t lucky in terms of money and stuff, but we just get lucky with love. 
  7. The sky is very blue in So Cal.  I knew that I wanted to come here when I saw David Hockney paintings.  I do love the heat and light but enough is enough.
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