Firefly in Vegas, frisky times

July 30th

 Firefly in Vegas

 We went last night for tapas and we walked two miles in the heat – 100 degrees to get there, but good news!  We were able to eat for about $45 and had plenty to eat and the food was amazing and I had a glass of sangria.

 I was in a foul mood when we got there what with walking in the heat, but then I calmed down.  It would have been sad to be all nasty the day of our anniversary, so I decided to choose some other day for that kind of unnecessary behavior.  As if Mark caused the heat and brought it down on us like the plagues of Egypt.  I cheered up in the air conditioning. 

 This morning I went in search of coffee and got a croissant for $3 for us to share.  We got hungry by lunch what with the walking around and losing money in the slot machine, so we shared a sandwich at the pool café of the Bellagio which cost the same as dinner last night.  That set us back some money.  I would suggest not eating at the Bellagio, you really shouldn’t be eating food at this hotel unless you are in a whole different income bracket than we are.  Of course, you might ask why we’re in Vegas at all suffering in our little income bracket, but let me tell you, Vegas is madly crowded with people wasting their money.  It’s like these people read about the recession somewhere.

 And, you can get girls to come to your hotel room in 20 minutes.  Where are these girls hustling from?  You see little skinny girls running down the street probably on their way to some room for some frisky times.

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