Bellagio… it sucks your money!

July 29, 2010

 Our anniversary.  We got married by an ex-priest ten years ago.  Our kids were small then.  That’s changed.  Good times.  Our family is very close, the four kids and us, and our extended family—my girlfriends Lisa, Karen, Tracy and Rachel and their husbands and my friends Stephanie and Susie.  All of these women are really good looking.  I sometimes wonder if being hot is a Kate Gale friend requirement.  All of the friends have pizzaz.  And we have Red Hen friends who have cool energy and warm hearts.   It’s a good family. 

 Las Vegas… this city is a money suck!  And we’re only eating one meal a day and we carried our own luggage, parked our own car and walked to our meal.  But good god, they want money for coffee, there’s no pot in the room, they want money for Wifi, I’m surprised they’re not charging me extra to sit in this chair.  If we want to have a little cabana by the pool, that would have been $350/day.  Trust me, we didn’t go for that.  We can’t afford to eat in our hotel.  The Bellagio restaurants are ridiculous.  We would have had to share fries.  We went over to Paris where the meals are not quite as silly, but even so, I skipped having an entrée so we could save.  And dessert with coffee was out of the question.  We’re going to be here three nights, I didn’t want to go through our meal budget the first night.  We went to Mon Ami Gabi which is cool, and outside with misters and you can see the fountains at Bellagio.  I had French onion soup which I love. Later Mark bought me a chocolate bar because our hotel has a massive white and dark chocolate fountain.  I want it in my house.

 So far we have only lost $20 to the slot machines, and we are hoping to gain it back.  We’ll keep you updated.  We plan to write in our hotel room in the afternoons.  We’ll see how that goes.  But now for the pool, it’s Olympic size so I should be able to swim a mile.

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