POP champagne bar last night and arrival in Las Vegas

Quick update on that show last night. 

 Last night’s event was

Patrick Bell, Nikki Blak, Angela Carole Brown, Kate Buckley, and Jerry Quickley.
at POP Champagne and Dessert Bar
35 E. Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103

Absolutely the most amazing performers were Patrick Bell, the opera singer/magician and Jerry Quickley.  Patrick Bell completely blew my skirt up.  He was an amazing singer.  Nikki Blak is a good slam artist, not that I am a general fan of slam.  I completely respect it, but it’s like sketching in the sand, much of it lasts such a short time.  But she was very good. I know many people will go hear more of her. and Jerry and Patrick are magical.  And sexy.

Arrival at the Bellagio

 They tell us that we should take a suite and they kind of talk us into it at the front desk and after we say yes, they tell us the suite they’ve talked us (after a call to whoever the real people are who have all the info) into is twice as expensive as the quote they gave us, sorry, but how about this other suite, well, we’re not too thrilled, but we say yes, and then they call the real people again and the real people (as opposed to the robots who work the nice desk… nice robots) say, kidding, we don’t actually have any of those suites available, but give them the room they reserved anyway and tell them it’s a special.  And that’s what they do.  We’re checked into our room, which is just fine and we’re trying to decide about dinner.  Everything looks expensive; I’m trying to talk Mark into our living on fries while we’re here, we did fine with fries and beer in London, but he seems unconvinced.  If we go over to Paris Paris, they’ll be called “pommes frites,” and if that doesn’t maek the man happy, I don’t know what will.  What does he think, this is our anniversary so he gets all the goodies?

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  1. Photos! We want to see photos!

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