Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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  1. wonderful pic

  2. He is fit. His hair looks ok long. He even makes that braclet his wearing look sexy….yum

  3. sensual

  4. looks like a male skank

    • If so, then that’s one HOT skank! Looks superyummy to me… I’d sop him up with a scone.

  5. […] Jonathan Rhys Meyers « Kate […]

  6. Brilliant Actor, in the Tudors.

  7. No matter what anyone says about this man, he’s a brilliant, brilliant man. His eyes show how much wiser he is than his years, as if his soul has lived a lifetime the short time he’s been on earth.

    I can relate to his pain, I’ve lived a tough life and, on some level or another, it has affected me. He’s a smart, talented, gorgeous person. I pray he finds the peace he needs, and soon. The world would not be the same without him.

    Peace, Johnny!

  8. Gorgeous and and an amazing actor!

  9. im having all sorts of carnal urges right now!

    • perhaps it’s best you don’t share them?

  10. Come to me King Henry !!

  11. what is the deal with his ex girlfriend writing a tell all book about him. Is this true? I mean there must be some real stories to tell because he does seem kind of wild…

  12. I Luv Jonathan Rhys Meyers Biggest Fan!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  13. Dear Sir; I’m sort of an old fart, who has probably lived long beyond the ability to communicate with someone of your soul and youth. I’m basically jaded,cynical, and have been accused of being a little too direct. You are the first person of fame to whom I have ever written, but after seeing you and actually studying your performance and talent in “August Rush” I became captivated by you, and chose to learn more about you, or at least as limited an amount as could be learned by so an anonymous way as this. I really didn’t research your website for any particular reason, but to discover something behind the hurt energy,brilliance, and provocative haungtingness I cherished in you, in that movie. The limited biographies of you available “on-line” stated that you either overdosed accidentally, or attempted suicide. Honestly, for reasons I can’t explain, I took this news deeply to heart. I know I don’t know you, and I’m old enough to be your father, but ( though I know you are an actor) there were certain scenes in August, where the expression in your eyes was NOT acting. They were instead glimpses into your soul, and in my experience, laying yourself bare that way is a hell of a lot more than acting. Its a gift to your audiences – rare and beautiful. So, since I myself, when I was at a true low point, attempted suicide, I feel a certain kinship towards you, which is what prompted this communication. I know that you will probably never see this, but if perhaps you should, the one thing I hope you take away with you is this: GOD made you a very special person, with the ability to bare yourself to all; and I know that in life, things come along, particularly trying to very sensitive people, like you, but when these things occur remember, everything you are, your dreams,thoughts,actions and so- on are uniquely yours. Some a gift, and some earned through very hard work, and I have discovered some of my greatest depressions, and moments of despair are a result of my feelings of “unworthiness” for the successes I’ve acheived in my life. Particularly around the time when I was your age, and had already become a limited success in my chosen field of business. BUT, Ive learned a lot since then, and the one thing I have taken as gospel from life is this:” GOD is a funny dude.” He does certainly take away, but he also gives. I have also learned that the level of my “luckyness” in my life was in direct proportion to the effort I expended to guide that luck. In other words, NEVER FEEL GUILTY ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE, AND WILL ACHIEVE IN LIFE – YOU EARNED IT, AND WILL CONTINUE TO EARN IT AS LONG AS YOU TRY! Never ask “why me” and not the other guy. Never feel unworthy of your success (been there / done that) because underneath all the B.S. if you didn’t earn it,and deserve it, you wouldn’t have it! Lastly, NEVER EVER try to take yourself out again / just because you’re a winner. ( if you ever take the time to really think about it remember this: In this one area, you are NOT unique! Almost every successful person with whom I have ever dealt, felt unworthy of their position and successes;sometimes creating a sense of severe doubt,confusion, and of course, depression – leading to tragedy more often than is fair. Oh well, this is the end of my lecture. I like you Johnathan Rhys Meyers, and I hope to be seing you grow for a long time to come.

    Yours Very Truly…………….Retired in Venus

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