Robin Hood home to California

May 30, 2010

 Robin Hood turned out to be a fun movie, not as good as Gladiator, the filming was wonderful, but it lacked Joaquin Phoenix.  The bad guys were like cartoon characters although in the first Spiderman movie, our bad guy is wonderfully nuanced.  But we loved Robin Hood anyway; it was such a fun movie to watch, all the fighting and shooting, the horseback riding, the blood, the battles, you should absolutely go see it, buy a large popcorn and go.  It is a lot of fun.

 Then we went up on the High Line which is this park up on the rail way line that starts at 20th and goes downtown to Gansevoort.  We walked down there…we did really love it but I couldn’t help thinking that  for New Yorkers, this is the coolest little upstairs park they ever went to and they can’t get over how wonderful it is… there are weeds and grass and wild flowers.  It looks a lot like parks do in the rest of the country only you have to go up little steps to get to it and you are walking along and seeing the weeds and flowers that grow naturally—outdoors in other states and even other parts of New York where there is no endive in the salad… instead there is only iceberg lettuce which… in Europe used tobe  fed to pigs… and Thousand Island dressing which.. let’s face it, is mayonnaise mixed with ketchup, mustard and relish. 

 Well we walked back on the Hudson River Park and then I still needed to stretch my legs and I heard there was a sale on T-shirts over at Barami at Lex and 57th, so I walked up there and bought two shirts.  They were 30% off and $12 to start with, so that was a good deal and worth the walk.  I bought a yellow one and an orange one.  My feet are tired.

 Tomorrow we are flying home to sweet warm Los Angeles where there are palm trees.  This has been a good time here in NY… mostly because Mark was here.  Being here alone always feels a little sad.  I stay in a hotel, never eat in restaurants and in NY without Mark nothing is quite as fun.  When I am at home Mark is usually there and if he isn’t well, I’m not alone, there’s my son and his girlfriend and a million pets. 

 What I like when I’m writing is big blocks of time.  Mark can write in small spaces.  Sometimes I think it’s like the difference between how men and women think about sex.  Women can’t think about sex unless everything is perfect and the drama is not happening and life is all sunshine  then maybe, we shall see. 

 Men can just be like, yeah baby, I know we’ve been fighting about money, the kids, the business and god knows what else you were rambling about, I didn’t hear it all, but whatever you were saying… it sounded like you had something on your mind.. yeah baby, let’s go for it anyway. 

 He writes in spite of life.  I like that.  My friend Percival Everett is like that with his work.  But Mark and I get our work done especially in summer.  And tomorrow, for us summer officially begins.


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