Moma, Marina Abramović

 May 29, 2010

Yesterday I completely shredded a pair of shoes walking to Poets House; they simply fell apart when I got there.  I don’t buy many shoes, these Clarks Mark bought for me before our honeymoon.  We went on vacation then ten years ago, that was when we used to travel; we plan to start taking trips again starting next year.  I don’t know where we will go next summer, but we will definitely go on a writing trip somewhere.  I want to start my research on the next book which will require travelling again.  Outside our hotel there is a lot of recreational relaxing going on, I can smell it very strongly from our hotel room.  It’s the New School students relaxing. 

 We went today to MOMA to see the Marina Abramović exhibit.  It’s very strange and hard to explain to anyone.  She is a performance artist and she sits on the bottom floor staring at people.  Well, after we went to the Picasso exhibit, and to the midde floors and saw the Dalis, the Picassos, the Van Goghs and Chagalls which made us so happy we couldn’t speak.  I and the Village gives us such joy we can’t even describe it.  My favorite Picasso there is called Minotaur and Girl Sleeping, I loved it and kept running back into the room to check on it it.  We didn’t look at the Rothkos or the Andy Warhols, that’s not really our thing.  The Matisses and Gaugins made us so happy.

 Then to the 6th floor where there were naked people.  I think the point was to make us uncomfortable.  I walked directly between two naked people.  There was a naked woman on a very high step where you could see her and then she was replaced with a very beatiful Asian naked man who looked androgynous because you could not see any of his male parts.  He had a perfect body and long hair.  I would be happy to be naked if I looked like him.  In fact, most of these naked people looked pretty good. 

 The most uncomfortable room had the following exhibits:  One video of many women who looked like peasant women who were outside in the rain pulling their skirts up so you could see everything and they were quite wet, there was another exhibit with a live naked woman lying on a table with a skeleton on top of her as if the skeleton were having sex with her, there was also a video of bones being cleaned, there was a video of a lot of naked men humping grass, and lastly there was a video of a naked woman from the waste up who seemed to be having sex with a skull in her hands.  In the next room there was a huge pile of bones which smelled rather odd. 

 Since we are not used to TV, I just want make this comment on weird advertistements in NY .. there are ads for lots of drugs you could be taking, I guess you guys who watch TV all the time are used to this but the one that is the weirdest to me is the one for people who have problems with dirty catheters, (how big is the market for this?) and the ads say that they will send you a free clean catheter so that you know they are willing to send you clean catheters.  With all due respect to the catheter using community, I kind of figured out that clean catheters were a good idea when my grandfather had a stroke and needed one which was the same year I read Cider House Rules… which has one of our main characters  who has a dirty catheter and later becomes infertile.  There are ads that are just… really TMI…TMI… ads for clean catheters…?

 Nude people in NY… and we are watching Burn After Reading now.

 We had dinner tonight with our friend Greg Sanders at the Half King…  he has a piece of our heart.  There is a short list of people with whom Mark and I can just chat about everything—our writing, our lives, our dreams—his dreams, what we are trying to do for the press, how we want to make things work, everything.. the list of people we can have that conversation with is tiny and Greg is one of the amazing fabulous people on the list of people on the short list.  You start off thinking that Red Hen is going to lead to your having a big family, but what somone forgot to tell me is that big families are complicated and that there lots of problems.  So we have a small family—my kids and my husband and now the Red Hen family is small too.. All good.

 Mark wants to see Robin Hood tomorrow; he loves the movie Gladiator and he loves Ridley Scott so maybe we’ll walk the High Line, and go to see this movie.  I love days when there is no big plan and that is how tomorrow is.  Beautiful.  And Memorial Day we are back in Los Angeles and I am working on the last 16,000 words of my novel and of course I am back at the Pygmalion Diaries.

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