Talk Nerdy to me, AWP Denver


I just saw a girl in the elevator with that famous t-shirt, “Talk Nerdy to me,” about which Matthew Dickman wrote a poem which won him the $10,000 Kate Discovery Award from Claremont Graduate University.  She had messy hair a great smile, and looked like talking nerdy or dirty would work in any case.

 The meetings and wine are flowing here at AWP.  I had breakfast with my friend Darlene and then met with Francisco and Darlene; my uncle George came by the table, we had an afternoon meeting about a great launch which is going to surprise my blog readers in a few months, and then the Red Hen reading/AROHO party at Double Daughters.   Then dinner with Amy at Marlowe’s and off to the AWP party… It’s been a blast so far.. the parties, the meetings, and so far nobody has been getting weird or crazy; we haven’t had to carry anybody or bail any body out… but the conference is young, give it time.

 And if I’m lucky, I’ll convince these conference directors to bring AWP to the West Coast…. What’s wrong with Honolulu?  San Francisco?  I suppose Alaska is right out…. People would protest… but Hawaii would be marvelous and Portland would be yummy.

 What I ask is this from AWP…. Do not ask me to publish your book and publish it quickly.  I’m having a zen experience.  I’m not ready for you yet.

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  1. I vote for Honolulu! It sounds from this like you’ve recovered (or are you just being further bionic?)

    And speaking of Zen…Did you see “The Buddha” by David Grubin on PBS. FANTASTIC…Filled with poets Merwin and Hirshfield pontificating on buddhistic zendom. Lovely film…

    • Haven’t seen that, sounds good, somewhat bionic. It’s fun here!


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