The Hurt Locker

March 1, 2010

 We watch these depressing war movies like Three Kings and now Hurt Locker.  We’ve had Bright Star for weeks but so far we haven’t been feeling sufficiently happy or romantic to want to watch it.  We usually do not watch romantic movies, not because they sicken us or anything, it’s just that you kind of know the ending.  I mean, Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle are cute, but romance is just not what it used to be.  People don’t fall in love and then rush into each other’s arms and find happiness.  There are bills to pay, teenagers to raise, exes to deal with, all that weight to be lost, and amid the crowding of noise, the lack of corsets and lace, replaced sadly with sweat and t-shirts, instead of horse and carriage which are romantic, you’ve got a Yaris?  A Yaris isn’t romantic.  You’re driving off to work every day, you get the mail with bills and you don’t know how you to keep anything like sweetness alive.  And we’re running a press, doing most of the work ourselves, and I feel every day the bubbling need of authors wanting something more from us than we can possibly deliver.  An author asked me yesterday what I did besides the press, but I didn’t have all day, so I didn’t answer that question…

 Back to The Hurt Locker, I think Mark’s liking it, the throbbing pain and fighting in the desert.  Maybe that’s why we’re watching this movie instead of Bright Star. We’re not in the green hills of England, young and poetic.   This is a movie about fighting.  It’s very much a man’s movie.  Fighting, war, killing, bombs, death.  The Iraq war looks like an ugly place to be.  It’s a good movie, go see it young warrior.

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