Rain, A Serious Man

February 28, 2010

While Chile was having a massive 8.8 earthquake, we were driving to Palm Springs.  Someone was being born, someone was dying.  The last earthquake of epic proportions in Chile was 9.5 in 1960 and that one caused a tsunami in Hawaii and Japan.  We drove back from Palm Springs in a blinding rain storm; the rain pounded down on our blue Solara with such ferocity that at times we couldn’t hear each other speak.  I am still sort of blind-sided by everything that’s gone on lately so I was stunned in the car, watching so many accidents I lost count, my head was head back, listening to the rain and Nina Simone just wailing.  I felt the wet air and the enormous sadness and all the threat of life being too huge for me.  The rain coming in torrents, accidents everywhere, Mark driving.  I knew when we got home I would see my friend Karen and then dinner with my mother-in-law at one of her favorite restaurants, Macaronis. 

 Mararoni is popular.  We had to wait for our table, even in the recession, people like to go there.  We watched the kids who work there heat up the dishes.  Everything is premade at chain restaurants which saves the expense of a chef and which is why everything tastes the same at all Mararonis.  The kids were heating up chicken dishes, fish dishes and so on very efficiently in their little pans.  The food was okay, and my mother-in-law is well and is enjoying her retirement.  She retired  just a few weeks ago; she turned 79 this weekend is her birthday, hence the celebration. 

 Now she is free to roam.  She visits her friend in Pahrump, Nevada and her other friend in Yosemite.  Who named Pahrump?   The name came from the Native name Pah-Rimpi or Water Rock, and the before 1960 it had no telephone and the roads were dirt.  But that’s Nevada, the whole place got built yesterday.  One of the most famous brothels in Nevada is the famous Chicken Ranch operating just outside Pahrump since 1976.  My mother-in-law drives to visit her two friends and her three kids who live in three different parts of the state.  Finally, at nearly eighty she decided to retire.  I think some people wait to retire because they don’t know what they want to do.  My mother-in-law waited until the right time to retire.  Now is the time. 

 A Serious Man

 I like this movie, I love all the Coen Brothers movies and I love Woody Allen movies.  When people say they don’t like Woody Allen movies I always really wonder how they feel about Jews in general, but this movie is deeply Jewish and cool, but not funny at all as many of the Coen Brothers movies are.  It’s a movie about how you can get so sad and stuck in your life and not know what the hell you are doing and why you are making such stupid decisions and yet you keep slugging along doing that.  Everyone else sees you making numerous stupid mistakes, but they can’t tell you because you won’t hear them.  And you’re being screwed over by your ex and your kids and your boss etc etc.  Things can sometimes unravel in a person’s life.  That’s what this movie gives us.  Unraveling.  And maybe everyone has to experience this and the real test of a person’s character is how we deal with the unraveling.  Because there is another side to everything; you have to keep walking.  It’s the grace with which you keep walking that matters.  The dash and grace with which you dazzle and walk and give to others when you walk, when you dance.  Especially when you dance.


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