Three Kings

February 22, 2010

 I’d forgotten how the first Gulf War was so huge and sad because this second Gulf War has gone on forever.  You get the sadness of fighting people you don’t even know why you’re fighting.  Like every war since World War II, this war was simply pointless.  I like this movie even if it is an action movie.  Ice Cube, Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney are all very good in this.  But the story is very sad, the boys who just wanted to get ahead in their lives, they want a job and an education and they end up working for the govt.  And the govt just wants oil. 

American wars after World War II ending in August 1945:

 Korean War 1950-1953

Vietnam War 1954-1975

Gulf War I     1990-1991

Gulf War II    2001-now… the war without end..

 So I guess since World War II, we’ve had 31 years of peace in a fifty-five year period, so we’re at war over half the time.  We’re a country that’s dependent on a war economy, so we need to keep fighting against other countries. 

 This Gulf War I was just a blip in the many wars we are  always fighting.  Of course, Obama had said that we would be ending the war, but apparently that promise was too much for him to keep.   America is a country that is committed to imperialism and what will happen next is what we know from history.   The countries you are fighting  hate you and eventually the home country decays; it collapses as ours is doing.  China’s next.

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