Running, poetry and light

January 7th.

 Well, I don’t know if my knees are going to hold out for this marathon training.  They were not going so well during my ten mile run this morning, but we’ll see.  I am going to see if I can run enough that the pain in my knees goes away.  That’s the plan.  I want to run 40-60 miles/week in my little tiny training period.  My knee is not doing so well on the long run.

 We are back in California; we bought a few lettuce and flowers because it’s pretty warm and it’s time to start gardening.  It was so fricking cold in Nebraska that I am excited to be here that it makes me want to garden, write, sleep, relax, think, and run all at the same time now that I’m home.  I also want to call all my friends who are not here who I haven’t seen and visit all my friends who I didn’t see enough of over the holidays.   Between the visiting and the calling and the running and the writing and the planting, the sleeping, the relaxing and thinking and being back running the press, I don’t know if I can really do it all, but I plan to try. 

 The press is getting ready for the big move to Pasadena.  By Feb 1st, we will be a Pasadena press.  We’re very excited. 

 What makes Los Angeles so different from Nebraska is that it is warm always even in winter.  People in Nebraska freeze constantly in winter.  I was explaining that Los Angeles women are so beautiful that men walk down the street constantly excited, and Bill Trowbridge says that would be dangerous in Nebraska because it’s so cold which is why men’s excitement pull into themselves like the landing gear of jet planes.  Good to know.  Next time I’m in Nebraska, I will think about this as I walk about. 

 Back in Los Angeles where wine flows freely and heat rises from the pavement like poetry or light.

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