Pride vs. Humility

 December 6, 2009

 Mark made it home last night and we had a discussion over dinner at our favorite sushi place, Arigato Sushi in Granada Hills, I’ve always wondered if that was where Nicolas Cage met his wife… He did meet her at a sushi place in Granada Hills.  We discussed people who are arrogant vs. people who want attention. 

 It’s Mark’s opinion that some writers always go around with a chip on their shoulder that the world hasn’t given them a fair shake, hasn’t given them the right jobs, awards, etc, and that isn’t very appealing, and you just want them to shut up.  He has a point there.  Sometimes people are always complaining about this, I do some of that myself sometimes in this very blog! And you just think, give it a rest! 

 But then there’s the other extreme, the writers who cannot shut up about how wonderful they are and everyone they know.  They know Toby Wolff and Skip Gates and they hang with Cornel West and god knows they just summer with Nobel prize winners to say nothing of prime ministers.  Usually on Martha’s Vineyard.  I particularly like writers who are always jetting off to Jordan or Egypt, India or Japan, Sodom or Gomorrah, places they can get into more trouble than I can even dream of.  And I dream of getting up on tables and dancing.

 You know where I am spending New Year’s Eve?  I kid you not.  Wait until you hear.  I am spending this New Year’s Eve… Wait, I know the suspense is killing you… in Nebraska. Yes, I am going to be in Nebraska for New Year’s eve and I am taking Mark because he has never been to Nebraska and I have been twice and I just can’t bear to go without him and have New Year’s Eve without him there to enjoy every minute.  More on that later.

 So… to brag or not to brag.  We concluded over our oyster shooters that we have lucky lives.  We know amazing people.  Red Hen Press was one of four presses represented at the Guadalajara Book Fair to showcase Los Angeles:  the Getty Press, Heyday, the University of California and Red Hen Press.  We are becoming an international press.  We get to know/meet people like Alice Quinn, Cornelius Eady, Paul Muldoon, Dana Gioia, Georges Borchardt, Percival Everett, Chris Abani, Margaret Atwood, Ursula K. LeGuin, and the list goes on.  There are always people who don’t think much of you because in the immortal words of my 18 year old son, if you weren’t a player, there wouldn’t be haters.  Let that be.  Let the chips slide, and with that we came home and planned a full work week.  Now off to swim my mile.


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  1. Glad to hear Mark got home safely. Did he remember to save his little blue paper, and avoid paying those fines you and had to pay? Letras Latinas just concluded our weekend of readings at the Smithsonian’s Bracero exhibit and that was our last event of the year! I’ll be putting some stuff in the post to you, tomorrow. Cheers, F

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