Fortune cookies and future parties

November 12, 2009

“A cheerful letter or message is on its way to you.” That’s my fortune cookie hedging its bets.  It doesn’t know how the message will appear so it’s guessing.  It could be email, facebook, twitter, carrier pigeon, the damn thing doesn’t have a clue, but this message will be cheerful.  Like you just won a million dollars.  Unlikely because I’ve never played the lottery.  Or, your son is moving to New York.  He just got accepted at NYU.  Also unlikely because he has not applied.  Both would be cheerful and welcome messages. 

 But unlikely.  This is a busy week for me. 

 Tonight, we have a big concert at the Ruskin for ACF-Los Angeles.  Ensemble Green is playing work by Christopher Gainey, Phillip Golub, Mei-Fang Lin, Lansing McLoskey, Michael Roth, Matthew Schrebeis, Piotr Szewczk and Paul David Thomas.  Should be very interesting and very packed.  Ensemble Green is a wonderful group, they played for us this summer at the Annenberg Beach House.

 Saturday evening is Lisa C. Krueger’s publication party which should be a very gala affair, I am trying to decide what divine little outfit to wear.  Yours truly looks neither divine nor little in anything I wear, but I fake it.  Sunday, I am going to another fund raiser and then on Monday, off to the Geffen Playhouse where we having another spectacular reading.

 Lionel Rolfe is reading with Marc Acito and Annie LaGanga.  Lionel Rolfe is a wonderful LA writer with a number of books on literary Los Angeles and politics.  Marc Acito is a divinely beautiful multi-talented writer and opera singer currently residing in Portland, author of two novels, the latest The Attack of the Theatre People and our very own Annie La Ganga, with Stoners and Self Appointed Saints.  She is a scream, a wild woman, a Jill out of the box, she is the green woman who would have made the villagers wonder and the priests want to burn her.  She’s Red Hen’s own discovery.  She’s from Austin. 

 You must come hear these three brilliant ones, I’ll be there. 

 Meanwhile, I need to figure out a better way of figuring out the future.  Fortune cookies don’t give enough information; it’s really incomplete and muddy.  I want clear instructions.  Go to the ATM machine at Crenshaw and Wilshire, it is giving extra money today.  That would be just fine.

 The fact is that this future is not what I thought.  I would not have believed this would be my future twenty years ago.  The best way to predict the future is not to do anything.  The best way to have an exciting future is to act. I have an exciting life, so exciting that I really could use a little more sleep.  If it gets any more exciting, there will need to be two of us.


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