Luxe event, Red Hen Press 15 year anniversary event

November 2, 2009

Spectacular event at the Luxe with a very crowded room. Many old friends. More than 150. Far too many to name here. Helen Saltman, Carolyn See, Lisa See, Naseem Rakha, Mark Doty, Chris Abani, Douglas Kearny, Alicia Ostriker, Eloise Klein Healy, Nancy Boutin, more friends and lovers of poetry than I can name here. Peggy Shumaker, Joe Usibelli, Robert Wyman and Lisa Krueger, Gina Knox and Petra Eiko. Bart Edelman long time Red Hen poet was there sitting with my mother-in-law and our friend Richard Nino. We had champagne and salmon, listened to poetry and music, the day flowed around us like wine, I loved the sound of clinking glasses, the sense of excitement and celebration and love. Red Hen press books out in stacks. People I haven’t seen for ages like Ricardo Means Ybarra, Jean-Marie Gabay, J-son and Aimee Liu all friends who for some reason unfairly don’t age at all but look far more beautiful than the last time I saw them. J-son even with touches of grey managed to look like Buddha as a child. The women were goddesses. Rex Wilder and his wife Angela who always is beautiful. Everywhere I turned there were happy people, and that’s what celebrating fifteen years of publishing should be. Joy. I’m off today to meetings at Claremont Graduate University where I will hear Mark Doty and Alicia read again and I feel so fortunate. Books and poetry have been an open door for me. A way out and up and into the open air. Upside down in the sky, someone is breathing.


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  1. It was a wonderful event! My friends and I truly enjoyed it. Again we met wonderful people we did not know before and laughter was all around us. The room was filled with a happy energy that carried the words of great Poets to the hearts of each guest. Truth was spoken and life observed through the eyes of amazing writers. Thank you Kate Gale and Mark Cull for bringing this gift “Red Hen Press” to our community and for your effort to let incredible voices be heard. Congratulations to your 15 Anniversary. We are looking forward to the next 15 Years.

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