Playboy Mansion, Celebrity Poker, Playboy bunnies do frolic

 October 29, 2009

Americans are obsessed with the Playboy Mansion which became Hugh Hefner’s full time residence in 1974.  Americans need and want the idea of instant gratification.  As I have pointed out before in this blog, America is a country of children, of cowboys and Indians, of people who did not grow up, who want it all yesterday.  The lost boys travel light years into the future and become donut eating, wife swapping, Jerry Springer watching, football and Nascar enthusiasts.  Not thinkers.  And the Playboy Mansion is everything a boy could dream of.  You do not have to speak to the women, the ideal woman is beautiful and you don’t have to do a single thing to impress her.  You can talk, she’ll listen, then you have sex.  It’s all about you, you, you.  I know, you’re thinking what’s wrong with that?  A little narcissism is a good thing.  What about Shel Silverstein in that book Red Hen published, Shel Silverstein and Me, living at the Playboy Mansion, fathering children he didn’t raise, wandering off alone, dying a millionaire.  Yes, but he died alone.  His housekeeper found him. 

 If you could spend a weekend at the mansion, have some fun with the bunnies, be a kid, get laid, go away and then grow up and have an adult relationship, I suppose what’s the harm?  Like looking at a girlie mag once or going to nude bar once, it probably won’t make you someone who disrespects women for life or can never have a loving wonderful relationship with a woman.  But if you have to have pornography, than you don’t need women.  If you like nude bars, then a real woman will probably be a disappointment.  And if your big fantasy is the Playboy Mansion, maybe it’s worth asking, why you don’t want to be with a real woman who can have a conversation with you.   I agree some women talk too much, but it’s so much fun to get to know somebody… to get past infatuation, past drama, to real friendship.  It’s worth it.  But many Americans won’t find out because they won’t grow up.

 But here’s to Hugh Hefner, who wrote a fine blurb for the Shel Silverstein book, hosts the Playboy Jazz Festival which is fabulous… and last but not least, holds a Celebrity Poker Tournament every year  to raise money for the Marijuana Policy Project.  Now that is what I call a great guy.  He may be permanently living with the bunnies but he cares about music and education.  That’s something.  I want to go visit the mansion, and when I do, I’ll report back to y’all.


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  1. I want to strip poker in playboy mansion that would be the greatest ever.

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