Pets, Pot bellied pigs in bed, White people spend too much on pets

September 29, 2009

 White people tend to spend way too much on their pets.  White people will tell you they spent $8000 on their dog during the last year of the dog’s life or $5000 on the cat.  It’s ridiculous.  Let’s start with food, move on to toys and then we can go to the really stupid expense, the vet.   White people don’t know where family begins and ends and where pets begin and end.  They’re constantly telling the dog, “Go in the next room, Mommy’s waiting.”  No boundaries.  White people will pay for their dog’s surgery while their sister and brother-in-law go into bankruptcy.  Stuff African American people wouldn’t believe.

 First of all, there are the number of pets that White people will have.  Often each child gets to have his or her own pet.  In our family, we have an aviary, ring necked doves, chickens, and then my daughter has a python, boa and two geckos.  I have a green iguana.  My son has seven cats or is it eight, I forget.  We also have two dogs who are basically family dogs.  We gave away the ducks Jack and Jill.  We let them go down the hill.  White people are willing to have a lot of pets just for fun.  These pets must be shopped for at the pet supply store.  Sometimes we can barely afford groceries, but we are always buying pet supplies.  And it’s not cheap either.  God forbid we should buy grocery store dog food and cat food.  That’s just not good enough for our pets.  We actually go to a pet warehouse place called Red Barn that is pretty reasonable, but pet food can get out of control, no doubt.

 Just buying the food could be quite enough of an expense, but many White people will also buy their pets toys and little sweaters.  Around the holidays, you will see all kinds of presents you can buy your pet to put under the tree to say nothing of cat trees and hideaways and dog beds.  I admit that our dog has a bed, but at least the dog sleeps in the bed not in our bed.  There are White people who allow their cats and dogs to sleep right on the bed and people who have those pot bellied pigs sleeping in the bed with them. 

 Pot bellied pigs are like kids and like a lot of spouses that you meet.  Very cute when you first bring them home from the hospital or the bar, but then they start expanding, they have needs.  They start taking over part of your life.  Before you know it, they’re telling you where to sit, they start controlling things.  I kid you not, the pot bellied pigs are smart and will develop favorite TV shows and throw a fit if you turn off Jeopardy.  Apparently, they get pretty deep with Jerry Springfield as well.  They like talk shows where there is violence; they’ll start to grunt and heave in their living room chair.  One girl I met, White of course, was sleeping in bed at night with two sows and one boar.  Is that a foursome?  Or a girl and a piggy threesome?  I didn’t want to ask.  I know in the Middle Ages people had to sleep in the same one room house as their animals.  Obviously some of us just miss those times.  Again, I think African Americans are not letting the pigs in the bed.  It’s just not happening.  I asked some of my Black friends and they laughed outright.

 Let’s talk about the vet and buying the pet.  White people will just pour out the money on buying pure breed animals when they could get a free pet at the pound (which is what we do) spending hundreds on dogs, thousands on reptiles to say nothing of the amount on birds and rodents.  Then the vet bills.  The White people will pay out thousands of dollars to save their pets’ lives even when they know their dog or cat has only six months to live, they will just keep writing checks. According to Business Week, Americans spend 41 billion a year on pets, and you can bet a lot of that is White people and 9.8 billion of that is vet services.  White Americans more and more think of themselves as parents to their pets. Joy oh joy. 

 Being parents to children isn’t enough, so we have to attempt to parent animals, birds and reptiles.  Americans are lonely in the world, maybe pets help that loneliness for White people, White people aren’t tribal; don’t trust each other or themselves, but we do love our pets.  A cat, a dog, a pig, a bird, it feels like love. White people value our privacy, but then we do want somebody to talk to, a cat, a dog, a bird, a pig, maybe?

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  1. Did I show you the hermit crab toys when you were here? At least they don’t sleep in our bed… 😉

    • Reptiles in bed … too much!

    • this is a bit racist, an animals life is worth more than just money! but i do agree alot of people can’t see the boundaries between a pet and a family member, theres definatey ways to love and care for your pet without spending your hard earned cash on a new outfit for the chiwawah. I think its fair enough if people want to spend there spare time with their pet, andif they want to sleep in the same bed thats their business (bit wierd though) not all white people are the smae way, some african american people would also spend too muc money on their pets, but it is ridiculous to think that people waste so much money on things that arent the priority and you make some interesting points.

  2. WOW. So you have eep issues with other people owning animals that they care for andpay for. Clearly us white pet owners need to come to you for financial guidance on how to spend OUR money which WE EARN. The day you earn the money I use to pay formy pet’s care is the day you can tell me how to spend it and not before. I would rather have 2 cats and a dog who love me unconditionally than the menagerie you have claimed to own and not care for. My animals have been trained to eat whatever is economical for me and I pay for vets visits when it is necessary yes. If you claim that we should not bother with vets visits toprolonge our pets’ lives then by that logic you shouldnt bother prolonging the life of your car when it makes a rattling sound. By the same token you should stop paying for upkeep of your home or your furniture as neither thing is a living family member and thus not to be cared for.

    Grow up and stop over generalising. The world doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into your narrow minded little views. You have your opinions and we have ours and that is fine, but spewing this drivvel onto the internet perpetuates animal abuse and racism all in one fell swoop.

    You should be denied the right to own animals if you are not going to care for them and provide for them.

    • You make excellent points. Whites statistically spend way more on their pets especially on those last few thousand on vet bills for pets who are going to expire. If that sounds racist, I apologize. But I do have too many pets, so I am slowly going to give them away. The point of a blog is dialogue. You make excellent points.

      • I apologise that my comment came off as attacking you. Your comment hit a racist reaction in me as I live in Africa where white people are pigeonholed and marked as racist based purely on skin color.

        Sadly I seem incapable of having my own children and so I substitute with animals. It would seem more appropriate to say that people in general spend more money than is strictly necessary on their animal companions. That is more true of people living in the western world and of people living in a first world country than of those living in third world countries. Another thing to be considered is the social demographics. I am hesitant to dismiss your assertion, but having some hard figures to peruse would make it easier to see and study.

  3. Huh… I wonder when blacks stopped caring. Must have been when the white man humiliated them and put them to shame for generations to come. Like a good friend once said .. “I’d rather have 2 cats and a dog that loved me unconditionally, than 3 teenagers who are an endless expense and couldn’t care less.” Animals never leave you, but you can nurture children and they shit all over you and leave. And sorry beb, you went there with the racism first.

    • The point was that White people tend to spend way too much on their pets. All the African Americans and Latinos I know have reasonable expectations around pets. I am sure there are African Americans who spend $9000 in the last five months in a pet’s life, but more Whites I think… Apologies if that came off as racist but statistically it is Whites who spend more on their pets on vet bills etc often just before the pet expires.

  4. I think you sound like a small minded BLACK Person! Animals have feelings & “us” WHITE People (as you keep referring to us as, well I guess you can say “we” have the money so we can do what we want to do with it. Maybe you should consider getting a job & then you can afford the “things in life” that you choose to have. And for your information… it’s not a black or white thing… it’s a IGNORANT or SMART thing! You give “Black People” a bad name!

    • Very good point. The point was supposed to be that African Americans spend more wisely on their pets than Whites. But since I’m getting a lot of hate mail, I should have made that point a lot more clearly.

    • LOL! Many of us BLACK people pay more in taxes than you MAKE in a year, so dont overlay some lame stereotype about non-whites not having the money or wherewithall to support pets.

      Having said that, it is a fact that whites tend to humanize animals to the point where they no longer consider them animals. They treat their cats and dogs as if they were human, give them human traits and assume they have human qualities. They are ANIMALS first and foremost. A dog digging through a trash can is no different from a dog who is wearing a sweater, except that the stray dog is not somebody’s pet. That dog will find food, shelter, and life a great life if it can find normal unspoiled (by humans) land where it can hunt and procreate like a DOG. Many Asians in Asia eat dogs as food. I eat bacon and beef and chicken. Why would I make friends with my food?

      Perhaps you should consider getting a more advanced education and meeting black people who are successful and educated. Then you wouldnt ASSUME that most blacks are poor and unemployed.

    • Calling somebody “small-minded” and then bolding “BLACK” as if the person’s race is a huge part of what makes them smallminded, ironically, is small-minded.

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  6. Rather interesting site you’ve got here. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

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  7. We are pet lovers and enjoy articles about pets. Our daughter works in the Pet Food Industry and we have a Photo Pet Gift Business.
    Our Chihuahua sleeps in our bed.

  8. Why are all people of the same color and VERY different backgrounds being branded with “white people” African Americans don’t like being called black, native american don’t like being called red and asians don’t like being called yellow why would I like being called white? I am western european and do not appreciate being labeled by the color of skin. Your opinions are your won, my pets sleep in cartes eat kibble and haven’t been to the vet in years (inside cat) they are healthy, happy and not treated like my children – I do however know people of all colors who do these things that you post about. I believe it is sbout individual people and how they were raised as oppossed to being based on the color of their skin!

  9. I know one site who will help you AND give this type of services.

  10. They love pets. Me too. It is interesting to feed and play with them.

  11. There are plenty of people (of all races) who value their pets and take good care of them. Why do you try to make this a racial thing. I have plent of customers to my dog boutique that are black, white, hispanic etc.

    Some people consider their dogs one of the family and treat them as such. They are not just “something you own”. I see too many people let their dogs run loose and they get hit by a car, picked up by the humane society and put to sleep because nobody wants them.

    Dogs give love unconditionally to their owners who take good care of them. They are in many ways superior to humans. They don’t care what color you are, how much money you have, how you look etc. Thats a lot more than you can say about many humans.

  12. Get a job. Get a journal. Pay your bills. Stop getting arrested. For the love of God, you “people” need to be quiet in the movie theatre so we can watch a damn movie. We all know your a proud father of at least 6 kids with 6 different babies mama’s so you wasted alot of your childrens time by writing this stupid article when pets should be the least of your problems.

    • Not sure I understand this. But if I do, this is ridiculous.

  13. Have you seen Oprah’s dog pack?

  14. Who is to say how much is “too much” on their pets, regardless of ethnicity? Too much meaning extra money to ensure proper nutrition or vet care? Too much in obtaining a pet that fits into the family satisfactorily? I don’t think you or anyone else should try to dictate how much a person’s pet is worth to them. How much do people throw away on their children that can be used in a better way….on McDonald’s or plastic disposable toys that end up in landfills or musical instruments that end up dusty and broken in a few months time? Those “little sweaters” you deem so frivolous actually keep pets warm and healthy in difficult climates. And why on Earth make this a race issue? It’s pandering and insulting and completely unnecessary, besides. Talk about finding the lowest common denominator. Sounds like you’re just trying to stir up nonsense most of us are trying to put behind us so we can all live as HUMANS…humans who may or may not find value in what we spend on animals. Shame on you. And by the way, I have a potbellied pig and I’d rather share my bed with her than an ignorant slag.

    • You go for it! Sleep with the pig! Sounds amazing!

  15. Reading through your article I can definitely see what you were pointing towards although with a bit too much generalization. I come from Kenya and in my tribe, specifically, we value our animals ALOT!!! Cows were seen as a great sign of wealth, they were used to till the land, provide milk and so on and so forth. We keep dogs, not in sweaters (what with the tropical weather and all), but in good condition. But I digress, my whole point is that there is more correlation in this case than causation. If black people (African American, Caribbean, African e.t.c) had the same mean level of disposable income that white people do I’m pretty sure that there would be a rise in the amount they spent on their pets.

    That being said, every culture is different and has different boundaries when it comes to dealing with animals. Traditionally animals are treated well and with respect but not at the same as a member of the family or a child. That doesn’t mean we invalidate other people’s traditions. This article is blatantly racially biased and I can see why so many people are upset by it. It

    The writer is caucasian, and the racist comments towards black people are completely unwarranted considering these may or may not represent the sentiments held by any person of colour. I speak mainly for myself when I say that drawing any conclusions based on race, especially when you do not belong to the race in question is a bit misleading.

    You really should consider editing this piece of work, as a teacher, this isn’t the sort of piece you should have up as a representation of your work. This may be your personal opinion but considering your extensive academic background, you should know about the dangers of making sweeping generalizations with zero research to back it up.

    • Did it every occur to you that the point of the piece is that African Americans spend a reasonable normal amount on pets and White people are out of control? Black people are way ahead of us in balance when it comes to pets. And when it comes to caring about families and elders. White people need to learn from people of color.

  16. The poster of this blog is an idiot I am black and guess what i have 3 dogs and 9 cats .One thing i learned is i have gained more out of helping animals than people atleast animals will love you and not stab you in the back !!!!! I love my pets and i wouldnt trade them for anything in the world . My pet food comes from petsmart and the organic kind i feed them whatever is healthy for them just like people shouldnt eat junk so why should another living creature ..What i hate the most about my own race (black folks ) is they seem to have a problem with animals . It is NOT a good trait to have i will tell you that . Soon I will also be going to school to be a vet tech .

  17. You made a remark about why should white people spend so much on their animals when they could be spending that money on their sister or brother-in-laws bankruptcy. You are white and your trying to justify your racist comments on some sort of book report write up B.S. on racism. The truth is…that your a racist smartass who is out to entertain your racist white friends. You should be spending your time and your money on getting some much needed therapy and find out why you lack so much confidence and self esteem and why you hate yourself so much. Good luck.

  18. I just stumbled upon this blog post today and it is quite funny. The comments are telling, all of them would make for amazing social commentary on several levels.

  19. I just stumbled upon this post today and it’s hilarious. These comments make great material for social conversations, to say the very least. Thank you.

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