Party, Dylan Landis, Normal People Don’t Live Like This, Jim and Jenny Krusoe

Party, Dylan Landis, Jim and Jenny Krusoe

I flew in from NY, landed, bathed and took off to this party. Mark and I don’t go to many parties because we host too many literary events so we don’t want to attend them as well, it would make our heads swim. But Jenny Krusoe and Mark go way back, and Jim and I go way back, and I thought we should go to Dylan’s publication party and so did a lot of other people. The whole literary world descended on Jim’s back yard. The place was packed and I hardly got to talk with anyone because I have that habit of staying with one or two people at parties, and once I met this composer named Sara Graef who was more beautiful than it’s legal to be in states other than California and NY, all red headed and darling, and smart and cool, we just started chatting it up. But I did see Janet Fitch, Tara Ison, Bruce Bauman, Bernadette Murphy, Jervy Tervalon, Leslie Schwartz, Hope Edelman, and one of my favorite authors of all time, Judith Freeman and her husband. She is a great writer. What a cool party!  Got a signed copy.  Dylan looked divine.  Can’t wait to read, Normal People Don’t Live Like This.  Words to live by.  I am so glad Mark and I went and then off to Pink Martini! Who says we live quiet lives? I somehow thought we did. But maybe not.


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