Barack Obama and Health Care, Stronger America

 September 11, 2009

Barack Obama and Health Care, Stronger America

 Barack Obama’s speech encouraged me to believe that maybe health care for this country is in sight.  According to WebMD, with this recession we have about 50 million Americans with no health insurance.  That’s  twice the population of Canada.  A lot of those people live in California.  Strangely, although I have always insisted on having health insurance for my family, we have not needed it for the most part.  No broken legs or arms.  I’d expected a few of those as the kids grew up, but frankly, playing Fallout just doesn’t do the same damage that football used to in the old days.  Even Counterstrike which seems dangerous at first, or World of Warcraft where some of the missions are deep into enemy territory, just don’t have the same amount of bodily damage as the old kickball used to inflict. 

 I want Barack Obama’s plan to succeed.  I want health care for Americans, an end to torture and the rendition program.  I want a strong education system here in this country, I want fewer prisons and more schools, I want more kids of color going into great jobs and fewer of us from poor families and families of color struggling our whole lives with no chance of getting ahead.  I’d like those of us who work hard but come from the wrong side of the tracks to still be able to buy a house.  I’d like America to have safe sources of energy, maybe those lasers they are developing at Livermore Lab.  I want Barack to succeed, and hey, maybe if it all goes well, this will include job opportunities for really brilliant librettist/editor/writer/blogger types who want to teach at universities.

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